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21 Jul '17

The Great Indoors: 5 Foodie Projects to Try this Winter

Our favourite foodie projects for chilly days, from making your own preserves and pasta to sweet treats and fragrant breads.

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Navy – The New Neutral We Love

One look at what’s currently happening in fashion and interiors and its clear – navy blue as a neutral is big! While grey, black and white are totally on-trend, and while some cooks love their kitchenware to be all … Read More

Rise & Grind: Le Creuset’s Coffee Essentials

Le Creuset’s Stoneware range features a full selection of coffee-inspired products that are great for entertaining and personal use. Whether serving French press coffee at family gatherings or enjoying a quiet morning espresso or cappuccino on your own, these … Read More

Ready, Set, Go: Save 25% at the Le Creuset Sale!

Cure the winter blues with Le Creuset’s jewel-bright colours. Our fantastic Annual Sale is your chance to treat yourself (and your kitchen) to the finest – and most beautiful – cookware out there. Receive a whopping 25% off all … Read More

Bon Appetit! Master 6 French Culinary Classics

France has long been celebrated as the grand old dame of all things culinary, and with good reason! Apart from giving the world a delicious repertoire of dishes, many of the cooking techniques we rely on daily also have … Read More

Real Meat Revolution: Chef Giles Edwards on Sustainable Meat

“Nobody ever gets taught about the rest of the carcass… which is the first step to really understanding the essence of sustainable cooking. We serve everything but the squeak!”

La Tête means ‘the head’ – and it’s so named … Read More

Snug Mug: 5 Irresistible Hot Chocolates for Your Le Creuset Mug

Hot chocolate is a luxury of cold weather — a silky smooth mixture of rich cream and decadent chocolate that makes for the perfect sensory experience.

In celebration of World Chocolate Day (the 7th of July), we’ve got 5 gourmet … Read More

Visa Checkout: The Safe, Simple, and Speedy New Way to Pay

Le Creuset is proud to offer Visa Checkout, a fast and easy digital payment service that lets you checkout faster without having to re-enter payment information each time you shop with us. For a limited time only, you’ll also qualify … Read More

Trailblazer: Arendsig’s Artisan Winemaker Lourens van der Westhuizen

In line with his philosophy of living life to the fullest, Lourens van der Westhuizen has an infectious passion for wine. As the first-generation winemaker at Arendsig, it is in the beautiful Robertson valley that Lourens and his team … Read More

Your Winter Pantry Checklist

Make sure you’ve stocked up on the essentials for making delicious comfort food and flavourful feasts this winter!

1. Delicious Dry Grains & Pulses

Whether you’re whipping up an impromptu Friday night pasta with friends, making your famous chilli … Read More