Your Essential Pantry Checklist

Make sure you’ve stocked up on the essentials for making delicious comfort food and flavourful feasts all year round!

1. Delicious Dry Grains & Pulses

Whether you’re whipping up an impromptu Friday night pasta with friends, making your famous … Read More

Our Multitasking Champion: The Round Cast Iron Casserole

Anyone who has ever slow-cooked a stew to tender, juicy perfection in one of our wonderful cast iron casseroles will be a Le Creuset convert, but did you know that this simple kitchen classic is a truly versatile, multipurpose … Read More

Prep-Ahead Meals Made Easy

Time is precious, which is why batch cooking and one-pan dishes are absolute lifesavers for busy cooks. Try these simple strategies for getting ahead in your food prep, making meals you can freeze and enjoy later and creating the … Read More

Flavour Revival: A New Spin on Old Favourites

Le Creuset is turning back time – in the freshest way possible! From celebration food to everyday dishes, try these new takes on classic recipes that have shaped so much of how we eat and entertain.

50 years ago, … Read More

5 On-Trend Teas

Coffee may be the second most traded commodity in the world (oil is the first), but tea is up there in the taste and health trend stakes. And its only rising in popularity – read about the latest flavours … Read More

In Praise of Slow

Winter is the perfect season to tap into the slow food and mood movement, where getting back to the basics of classic cooking is key, and quality, ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients are the cornerstones of many dishes.

The … Read More

A Foodie’s Guide to Fusion Cooking

People have been setting off to experience different cultures and cuisines for centuries – it’s how spices reached the west from the east in the first place.

21st century food appreciation and technology have taken us to new realms … Read More

How to Master Lunches ‘Al Desko’

While ordering in may be the immediate answer to your lunch hour cravings, the ‘convenience’ will soon make a dent in your pocket and you may be tempted to go with less healthier options.

This time-savvy, budget conscious and … Read More

The colour purple: juicy Cassis is berry beautiful

Have you ever been lucky enough to pick deliciously ripe berries growing wild on a brambly hedge? Remember biting into their juicy sweetness, and eating until your lips and fingers were stained purple and life felt as simple and perfect … Read More

These Were Your Favourite Recipes of 2018

From hearty stews to sweet treats, these were our most popular recipes of 2018!

1. Mussels in a Creamy Sauce

A quick and easy summer classic, the base for this dish can be made in advance and the mussels added … Read More