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Simmer in Style with our NEW Limited-Edition Spice Tagine!

Inspired by the slowly simmered, heavily seasoned cuisines indigenous to North Africa, Le Creuset’s NEW limited-edition 31cm Spice Tagine is a classic example of form following function.

Featuring a unique Moroccan-inspired decal, the new Spice Tagine is perfectly designed … Read More

Jenny Morris Takes Us to Morocco

‘I have always loved finding new spices, new foods, different places and markets, and discovering new little restaurants that my nose would lead me to tucked away down the back streets,’ says SA’s wildly popular gourmet chef and TV … Read More

Spice Routes: A Guide to World Flavours

Herbs and spices add layers of flavour and depth to even the simplest ingredients. They can also transport your tastebuds to exotic destinations as you recreate the fragrances and flavours from diverse cultures and culinary traditions. The key to … Read More

See What’s New on the Spice Rack at Le Creuset

Make the Colours of Spice come alive with brand new must-haves in Le Creuset’s iconic Cast Iron and Stoneware ranges, offering a versatility that is both stylish and colourful.

Our spice-inspired collection celebrates the aromatic flavours and vibrant colours of … Read More

This is How We Roll: Introducing Our New Rolling Pin!

A staple in any kitchen, Le Creuset’s Rolling Pin is designed without handles and tapered in the middle for better control and pressure when rolling out uniform circles of dough.

While it may seem like a small point, the tapered … Read More

Experience the Colours of Spice at Le Creuset

What could be more universal, more sensory than spices from all over the world? Borrowed from diverse countries, they allow us to share in the history, cultures and traditions from all walks of life.

With their almost-magical properties, … Read More

12 Great Offers to Spice up Your Kitchen!

Take your taste buds on a trip around the world – without leaving your kitchen!

Le Creuset’s brand new range of promotions will spice up your kitchen and fire up your cooking, giving you great savings in the process.

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Time for a Pancake!

Pancake Day falls on Tuesday, February 28th this year – a beloved annual event which sees people across the globe whipping up a batch of batter and trying to avoid all those embarrassing (and messy!) flipping mishaps.

Sweet or … Read More

Beyond Quinoa: 7 New Grains to Cook & Enjoy

There’s a new wave of nutritious, delicious and versatile ancient grains coming to the fore. Here’s how and why to eat them.

1. AMARANTH This gluten free grain from Peru is packed with protein and fibre and is ideal … Read More

5 Incredible Chocolate Recipes to Indulge in

Love chocolate? You’ve come to the right place! It’s always a good time to indulge in this decadent and versatile ingredient, which can be enjoyed in as many ways as the sweet-toothed chocoholic can dream up.

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