Payday Joy! 10 New Le Creuset Items to Splurge On

It’s the perfect time of month to treat yourself to some well-deserved Le Creuset!

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Meet Sugar Pink: Introducing Our Newest Pastel

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Look Sharp: How to Use the Le Creuset Knife Sharpener

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Celebrate Dad! 8 Gift Sets for Father’s Day

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FAQ: Cooking with Le Creuset Satin Black Enamel

Found on Cast Iron favourites such as our Skillets, Grills, Balti Dish and more, Le Creuset Satin Black enamel provides a robust and versatile surface for cooking and cleaning.

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Sauté Secrets

Sautéing is a basic stove-top technique that allows you to cook food fast to seal in all the flavours and colours. It is the perfect way to cook food so that it keeps its texture, moisture and a crisp-tender bite. … Read More

10 Essential Culinary Herbs to Start Your Kitchen Garden

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10 Gifts for the Gourmet Mum

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High Shine: Spotlight on Stainless Steel Professional

Bold cuisine is brilliantly matched by our Stainless Steel 3-ply Professional range – designed to reflect the colours around it while delivering the expert craftsmanship and superior performance you’ve come to expect from Le Creuset.

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