17 February 2016

Le Creuset Casserole Size Guide

Le Creuset Cast Iron

Different recipes call for differently sized casseroles, with certain capacities and shapes being better suited to certain dishes. Wisely selecting a few Le Creuset Cast Iron Casseroles will give you the flexibility to cook whatever you like, as well as the performance you need to cook it better.

This handy guide will help you go about choosing the best size for your needs.

Sizing up

Which size is right for you? Make sure the size you buy suits the number of people you usually cook for and what you like to cook.

Smaller sizes are ideal for cooking smaller one-pot meals for 1-3 people, making sauce and gravy, cooking rice, roasting smaller cuts of meat, simmering vegetables and baking bread, cakes and puddings.

Medium and larger sizes are perfect for cooking one-pot meals for 4-8 people such as chilli, as well as soups, stews, casseroles and sauces, cooking pasta, rice and vegetables and roasting meat, poultry and fish.

Generally the larger the size, the better. Stews and pot roasts need space for heat and moisture to circulate around the ingredients and you can always put less in more but not more in less! It is also very useful to have two sizes to cover a variety of needs, a small to medium and a large. We would recommend a 20-22cm round for the small size and for the larger size to choose between a 24-28cm round, a 29cm oval or a 30cm shallow. The larger sizes are great for entertaining and bigger families.


Lift the lid of the casserole, where the size is shown underneath. Alternatively, look at the bottom of the casserole.

Pick your pot…

The essential kitchen classic from Le Creuset enhances the cooking process by evenly distributing heat and locking in the optimal amount of moisture. This round enamelled cast iron dish is ideal for simmering tender and succulent one-pot casseroles; as well as for stews, pot roasting, preparing soups and rice dishes, and even baking.


The oval shape of this pot allows you to cook certain things more effectively, especially larger roasts – whether chicken, turkey or a leg of lamb. For an unexpected dish, bake and serve no-knead bread or a marble cake in this oval cocotte. The interior enamel releases baked goods just as easily as soups or stews.


The shallow, wide base of this versatile pot allows maximum contact between the food and the heat, using both wet and dry heats to break down tough cuts of meat and tenderise fresh vegetables. This cocotte is perfect for family-sized meals such as paella, seafood linguine, couscous and more. It is great for holding foods that are marinating; and also makes for a stunning serving dish.


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  1. Anthea Herbert

    Hi there. I have a 24cm and 30cm in Cobalt. Since that has been discontinued, I would like to order a 28cm in Indigo.
    Can’t find a 28cm anywhere. Please help

  2. Laura

    I’m looking for a round dutch oven that will work for bread baking, stews, braising, larger meals. I know America’s Test Kitchen recommends the 28cm. Right now my husband and I usually cook for 2 with occasional dinner parties, extended family meals. We’re trying to decided between 26cm and 28cm. We want a piece that will last through many years. Any advice? Thank you

  3. CK

    What size of casserole dish should I get to bake sourdough bread?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Thanks for your query CK! We recommend every baker should have the Le Creuset Signature 26cm Round Casserole. This is the perfect piece to bake a pot loaf of bread in at home, but is also a highly versatile and popular size for all sorts of other uses such as soups, stews, curries and more. Alternatively, the 29cm Signature Oval Casserole is also a great choice.

  4. Marina

    Hi, I would like to purchase a xmas present for my husband, who loves to cook. This is our first Le Creuset purchase. I can’t decide between 26cm or 28cm round casserole. We are a family of 4 (maybe 5 in near future) and like cooking stews, roasts, everything really, like to have enough left for a couple of meals, or to have some left over food frozen. But at the same time do not want to purchase a casserole that’s too huge that we will be put off to use regularly as it is too big for things like pasta, quick meals. Could you advise, please?

    • Thanks for your comment Marina! For your cooking needs and family size, it sounds like the 26cm would be the best option. It serves up to six people so would be great if you’re looking to have leftovers, or if you are needing to serve an additional guest or two, and is not as large in size as the 28cm.

    • Kelly McCormack

      Dear Marina,

      We are a family of 4 and my go-to size is the 30cm!
      It gives room for stirring, without over flowing. I think you’ll find the 26 to be way toooo small. At least go with the 28!
      Is this your first piece of Le Creuset? Your husband will love them!
      Your 4 best pieces are:
      1. Our big one is the round 30 cm, but in hind sight I should have got the big OVAL 35cm, so along with soups and stews, my turkey would have fit!
      2. Then get a round or oval (ours is the 29 cm oval), good for veggies, scalloped potatoes etc
      3. My favorite is the 30cm braiser. Perfect for pasta sauces, and anything you can think of.
      4. Lastly, the 30 cm castiron frypan. Perfect for frittatas!

      Happy cooking!

  5. Amanda

    We are a family of 3, and I’m thinking to buy my firet Le Creuset. I cook stews and soups on oven top mostly, and occassionly roast. Is the 29cm oval pot suitable for a whole chicken soup and is it the right size for a family of three? Does the round pot distribute heat more evenly than the oval one on the oven top? Can I use the oval pot to bake bread?

    • Thanks for your comment, Amanda! As a family of 3 who mostly enjoys soups and stews and only the occasional roast, we would recommend perhaps starting off with Le Creuset’s 24cm Signature Round Casserole. This is one of our most popular sizes in the Round shape, and would ideally suit your family’s cooking needs at this point. It can also be used to roast in (however, the Signature Oval Casserole would accommodate for larger roasts/joints of meat), but either shape is great for baking bread. To get a good idea of which recipes each casserole could be used for, please find further inspiration on our recipe site:

  6. Cath

    Hi there! I’m looking at buying a 24cm Round Casserole, but I’d like to know how deep it is in centimeters (and can’t seem to find this info anywhere!)
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Thanks for your comment, Cath! The 24cm Round Casserole has a depth of approximately 10.5cm.

  7. Mary


    Could you tell me whether an F round casserole lid would fit a 26cm round casserole dish?

    Many thanks,

    • Thanks for your comment, Mary! The “F” size lid should indeed fit a 26cm Round Casserole.

  8. Joe

    I am going to make my first Le Creuset purchase (I’m sure more will be made in the future), and want to decide which size pot to go for. I live with just my partner, but we tend to like to cook big and refrigerate/freeze the leftovers, and of course, we occasionally have guests but usually no more than 4 people in total. I want to use it mainly for stews (I can’t wait to try a boeuf bourgignon), pasta sauces, and also one pot dishes with a whole chicken/joint of meat. I think the 28cm may be the most appropriate for my needs, especially to fit in a chicken, but would like some advice. Would I be able to fit a joint of lamb or pork in the 28cm? I was also thinking about the oval, but I read that the round one is slightly better for stove top cooking.

    • Thanks for your query Joe! Making your first Le Creuset purchase is always very exciting. Considering you do not frequently cook for a large amount of people, the 28cm Round would definitely suit most of your cooking needs, especially with regards to stews, whole chickens and other one-pot dishes. However, if you are inclined to do a lot of roasting of medium to larger sized joints, the 29cm Oval may be preferable as this will better fit a joint of lamb or pork and give it more space within the casserole. This way, there will also be space to add accompanying vegetables if you wish. The Oval is also suitable for the other uses mentioned for the Round (stews, pastas, etc.) so may offer you more versatility in this case.

  9. Katie O

    I believe I have a Round Wide Dutch Oven and the number on the lid is 24. What is the size of that pot?

    • Thanks for your comment Katie – this would be a 24cm Round Casserole. Kindly let us know should you have any further queries.

  10. Fabienne

    What would be the ideal size oval casserole for cooking a duck or leg of lamb?

  11. Veronica Lloyd

    I have been left an oldish family piece – oval cast iron with size D on the underside of the lid. It needs a new knob (black). As modern knobs are for lids that are in centimetres, size lid should I order for?

  12. Philip Holland

    I have a #26 oval oven with out a lid. Will a BC oval lid fit?

    • Thanks for your query Phillip – unfortunately the Buffet Casserole lid will not fit the Oval as the shape differs greatly.

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