6 September 2017

Think Pink for Spring! How to Channel the Millennial Pink Trend

Pink—in all shades—is the colour on everyone’s lips this season. From Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards to catwalks and kitchens, there’s no escaping the pink renaissance of 2017, headed up by ‘millennial pink’ — a subtle balance between beige and blush taking the world by storm.

So, how do you introduce pink into your kitchen while staying on-trend?

Tickled Pink

Nothing softens the streamlined aesthetic of the modern kitchen, or the industrial feel of so in-the-moment metallic accents, like the gentle lure of pink. This unbelievably chic colour has a subtle complexity that will draw you irresistibly into its world. It radiates contradictory tones that are at once gorgeously subdued and deliciously decadent.

Pink feels more grown up when you balance its sweeter sugary notes with sophisticated neutral neutrals like cream or grey. Dotting some pink cookware and appliances throughout your kitchen is a surefire way to add instant character, especially when used against neutral splashbacks and walls. The great thing about this colour is that it’s a knockout on its own, or a versatile complement to other hues.

Practical cooking spaces may suit pink best, and while it looks stunning with a muted palette of neutrals mixed with touches of brushed copper and gold; a full-on pink fest will also make any open plan kitchen-diner leap to life. Take your love of pink to a new level by painting your walls or cabinetry pink, or incorporating your favourite Le Creuset cookware against a hot pink glass splashback.

So Happy Together

If you’re of the pink persuasion, Le Creuset has a number of delicious hues in our palette that you’ll love. Chiffon Pink, Berry, Sugar Pink and Rose Quartz make fresh and fun interior statements. These pink hues are so gorgeous you’ll want to keep them on display 24/7, and come in a range of products that are as pretty as they are practical. Our pink palette will give you the perfect excuse to show off your style credentials while cooking.

If your style is more understated, Le Creuset’s pale pinks such as Sugar Pink and Chiffon Pink are your best bet, creating a sense of harmony in the kitchen and adding some vintage charm. Bolder pinks like Berry and Rose Quartz stimulate energy, appetite and a social atmosphere great for living or dining spaces.

Whether you prefer pastel shades, soft blush tones, or deeper hues, pink can definitely give your cooking the perfect backdrop.

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  1. vanessa christiane

    Wow your Pink Range is absolutely stunning! I would make subtle changes to my kitchen – my cupboards are OAK and thus very valuable however buying pink accessories for my kitchen would definitely start the changes LeCreuset. I was totally thrilled to walk past your brand bpnew store in the Gardeb Route Mall last week – the colours of everything just pop and I couldl not stop myself from browsing- soon to be nuying – unfortunately in our business (guest house) winter is extremely tough with barely any incomev- however we have staff who depend on us- so their needs actually come before ours. Being a Cansa Sponsorship Volunteer Pink just pops with me & I was actually awarded a Certificate in June 2017 for my contribution towards Cansa – totally surprised yet thankful all of the hard work, hours and dedication brought this aboutnp.

  2. Rose Kruger

    Rose Kruger: I so understand what Zelda Fourie means! – Also waiting for my ship! (Think it may have sunk) Sigh!!!

  3. Zelda Fourie

    Beautifull my biggest wish to have the pink range maybe one day my ship will arrive.

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