17 October 2018

How to Become a Zero Waste Warrior

In a world where food costs are rising and we are all becoming more mindful of unnecessary waste in our lives, making a concerted effort to be more careful with how you consume is becoming essential. The good news is that you need only make a few tweaks to make some big differences, here’s how…

Waste Not Want Not

Did you know that food waste accounts for up to 20% of landfill? Simply buying less fresh food to start with should be the first port of call, but there are other clever ways in which keen cooks can be creative so as to reduce their impact on the environment.

  • MAKE A PLAN Meal planning is the cornerstone of every savvy cook’s life – once a week, sit down and plan your meals for the following week and stick to your plan.
  • SHOP TO EAT By sticking to your meal plan, unnecessary impulse buys should fall to the wayside. Try to resist the urge to buy all the amazing discounted specials you see – stocking up a freezer with meat you don’t have a plan for is an expensive, potentially wasteful exercise.
  • NO TO PLASTIC By shopping at your local farmer’s market and by taking your own bags for food to your local supermarket, you immediately make a contribution to decreasing waste and landfill – the less packaging the better.


Conscious Cooking

DOUBLE DUTY A large pot of savoury beef mince can be enjoyed as Bolognaise on Sunday night and spiced up for Taco Tuesdays a couple of days later. Likewise, an extra roast chicken can be shredded and stored for easy salads and family lunchboxes.

ROOT TO LEAF & NOSE TO TAIL Next time you peel vegetables for a casserole, freeze those peels! Likewise, Parmesan rinds, chicken carcasses and excess chopped onions and herbs. When you have enough frozen ingredients, throw them all together to make a rich and hearty stock. Citrus peels can be used to infuse vodka or gin too!

BOWL FOOD The advent of the Buddha Bowl has made clearing out the fridge an on-trend event! Rather than throw away loose vegetables or lone meat cuts, cook them and serve as a deliciously varied dish.

Invest in Quality

Buy buying items that are made to last and with a lifetime guarantee, you immediately cut down on your environmental impact. Le Creuset’s products are designed to deliver an outstanding performance time after time, and many of our ranges come with a lifetime guarantee.

Invest in items that can be used for more than one application – our Jug works beautifully as a vase, and items like the Multi Bowl are perfect for everything from pastas to fruit. Also look for kitchen and cooking essentials that you know you will want to live with for many years to come and update with key pieces rather than replacing entire collections.

For more recipe inspiration, click here to browse our collection of ‘All Taste, No Waste’ recipes. To the view Le Creuset’s full range of made-to-last kitchenware, visit your nearest Le Creuset Boutique Store, r shop online at and enjoy free delivery to your door.

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