11 January 2017

[Competition Closed] Win 1 of 3 Le Creuset Cheese Platters in Cotton!

Image features new rosemary, launching soon!

Ideal for the season of summer entertaining, Le Creuset’s Cheese Platter has a clever dual-purpose design that features a beech wood cutting board nesting inside a dipping well, allowing it to double as a cheese and charcuterie platter.

To inspire your next soiree, we’re giving away three Le Creuset Cheese Platters in the beautiful matte-white finish of Cotton, each valued at R1799!

Simply comment on the blog post below and tell us which snacks your party platter would feature?

Winners will be selected at random and announced here on 19 January 2017. Terms and Conditions apply.


Congratulations to the following winners* of our ‪blog competition, who will each receive a Le Creuset Cheese Platter, worth R1799!

– Anri van Gessellen
– Joanna Jezewska
– Diane Fernandez

*Winners have been notified directly.

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  1. Anja Brand

    Plain cream cheese covered in sweet chilli sauce and a variety of raw veggies and rice crackers!

  2. Mike Mason

    I love different types of meat, cheese and biscuits

  3. Vanessa Christiane

    Apologies – this predictive text!

    Love that as you say one cann use the one section for Charcuterie.

    We love all cheeses working in the guesthose industry we often have return guests and I always it a platter of cheeses, figs, crudités, dips olives and more for their first nights arrival.

    A bonus would he if the wooden section swivels I van use it to ice my cakes on ‘ especially ombre cakes!

    This dish really has so many uses its unreal!

  4. Vanessa Christiane

    Would absolutely love to win! Not only do we
    Love cheese, Amy and all types of cheese! It looks as though the wooden section looks like a lazy Susan and if it swivels I can I’ve my cakes on it too!

    We have lots of return guests and I always put together a cheese platter with figs, crudité, dips, olives and nuts! I would ,obd to serve from this awesome platter!

  5. Lauren Heap

    Got to be some amazing Greek Meze. Everything from calamari, to olives, hummus, dolmades, grilled sardines, oozy haloumi, fresh pita’s toasted in coriander – Yum! Think I’ll be having that for lunch now 🙂

  6. Shelley Smith

    A combination of hot and cold – I’d serve camembert baked in its box with plenty of rosemary, thyme and garlic. To dip into that, toasted slices of baguette. On the cooler side, blue cheese with chopped raw pecans and onion marmalade. And to round it off, mature cheddar with fresh figs and preserved kumquats. All tied together with some fresh grapes and some wine of course.

  7. Kim von Weidts

    An assortment of Fairview cheeses, I LOVE goat milk cheese. With preserved figs, with tangy sauce, by itself. It would look gorgeous displayed on Le Creuset.

  8. Lazyja Cawood

    Selection of deferent cheeses and lots and lots of fresh veggies, fresh fruit and nuts.

  9. Amanda

    Cheeses, cocktail onions, gherkins – who needs more than that! The perfect cheese platter! With onion marmalade on the side served in a matching Le Creuset ramekin 🙂

  10. Adrian Phipps

    Being a pescatarian I’d have to pimp it up a bit to keep the carnivores happy so here would be my top 10 items on the platter

    1. Pea, feta and quinoa spring rolls
    2. Organic corn nacho chips with home made guacamole and a tomato and spring onion salsa
    3. Camembert and fig in a phyllo pastry cup
    4. Snoek and corn pate dip for salted crackers
    5. Assortment of olives, baby onions and gherkins
    6. Fresh fruit medley consisting of sweet melon, strawberries, grapes, watermelon and litchis
    7. Homemade flour-less banana bread, with a chunky apricot jam to pair
    8. Roasted tomato, basil & Parmesan quiche for the big item
    9. Basil pesto and feta grilled on a baquette
    10. Lastly some fresh cucumber and kiwi water to cleanse the palate

    Damn all this culinary fantasising has left me rather peckish, might just whip up some of this tonight.

  11. Cornelle Michell

    Ooooooo cheese, biltong, tomatoes, pickles, droewors, peppadews, figs, olives, cream cheese, chicken pieces and baguette.

  12. Rozanne

    My kids love cheese. My platter will include their favourites like: mature cheddar, Babybel, white rock and Brie. Some crackers, nuts, grapes. And preserves: onion marmalade, tomato chili jam, fig preserve and olive tampanade. And some dark chocolate

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