9 July 2018

Vive la Provence! Reasons to Love Our New Hue

Le Creuset’s heritage lies in the landscape and cuisine of the south of France, so it makes sense that our take on Ultra Violet (Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2018) has resulted in the exquisite new colour called Provence that is inspired by the fragrant, sun-drenched lavender fields that blanket southern France. This contemporary new purple embodies serenity and a modern sensibility – Provence exudes a calm, casual chic.

The ombré hue reflects the colour gradations you would see if you were lucky enough to be gazing at a lavender field in Provence itself: it starts as a saturated purple (that just so happens to look a lot like Pantone’s Ultra Violet) and fades delicately into a much lighter lavender shade.

Purple Reign

Purples of all hues reign supreme this year – in interiors, on the runways and even in fresh produce. Purple foods are the new nutritional buzzword, with fruit and veggies that naturally occur in shades of purple and dark blue showing up everywhere from organic markets to grocery shops. These purple foods have a higher concentration of plant pigments that are rich in antioxidants, which means they pack a powerful nutritional punch. So next time you’re at the market, fill your basket with blueberries, beetroot and brinjals – as well as heritage versions of purple carrots, cabbage, grapes, blood oranges, cauliflower and broccoli. Look out for ‘black’ rice (actually a deep purple) as well as purple sweet potatoes and more.

Perfect Pairings for Provence

A fresh interpretation of classic pale purple, Provence is elegant enough to stand alone yet easy to mix with all your other Le Creuset favourites.

Provence + Cotton
This is a strikingly fresh and confident combination.

Provence + Mist Grey + Deep Teal
If you love the calm restraint of a contemporary interior, this sophisticated and elegant colour combo is for you.

Provence + Palm
This is a fun and light-hearted colour scheme that draws inspiration directly from the iconic lavender fields of Provence.

Provence + Chiffon Pink + Mist Grey
Team these mouth-watering sherbet colours together for a vintage-inspired look.

While you may not be able to squeeze in a trip to Provence right now, you can infuse your kitchen with its style and romance. Shop a selection of enamelled cast iron and stoneware pieces in this on-trend tranquil shade online at where we offer countrywide free delivery or visit your nearest Le Creuset Boutique Store.

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