10 May 2020

Time for Tea

We’re sure you agree – life is so much better with tea!

Whether you prefer your cuppa first thing in the morning or last thing at night, in a mug or out of a pot, loose-leafed or from a bag and whether you enjoy it as a solitary spoil or a communal joy, taking time for tea is a perfect opportunity to press pause and just be in the moment.

Teas to Try

A major trend in tea involves the revival of loose-leaf single variety and blended teas from around the world – from traditional Oolong and Lapsang souchong from China, Indian Assam tea, Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka and full bodied Kenyan tea, there are literally hundreds of tea types grown and blended around the world. Matcha tea is a Japanese tea made from crushed green tea leaves – it is fast becoming one of the most popular teas around thanks to its unique flavor and health benefits. In South Africa we are lucky enough to have Rooibos tea, the flavonoid-crammed and flavourful tea that is now enjoyed all over the world

Flowering Teas

Enjoyed in China for hundreds of years, flowering teas such as Rose Hip teaBlue tea and Chamomile tea are a beautiful way to enjoy subtle tea infusions – not to mention they’re suitably Instagram-friendly too!

Teatime essentials

Set the perfect tea time scene with all the right Le Creuset accessories.

It’s a Le Creuset favourite and with good reason – this stovetop Whistling Teakettle whistles once the water is boiling, and is a gorgeous statement accessory for any kitchen.

The Classic Medium Teapot is exactly right for two cups of your favourite just-brewed variety.

The serious tea aficionado needs the Short Round Teapot with Infuser. Ideal for brewing your favourite loose leaf teas, this teapot turns any tea moment into a satisfying ritual.

The delicate lip of this elegant Tea Mug makes it a must for tea lovers.

No tray is complete without a Large Milk Jug – with enough space for milk for copious cups of tea.

For tea time essentials you’ll love for a lifetime, shop online at where delivery is free.

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