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A taste of SA: celebrating our culinary heritage

While a great big braai typically steals the culinary limelight today, here are our suggestions for a Heritage Day menu that requires no live coals but still lets us pay our gastronomic dues to the cultural melting pot that … Read More

Hot for heritage: celebrating our culinary legacy

Heritage is such an evocative word, loaded with wonderful echoes of the past, of our traditions, our history and our stories, both personal and cultural. It is fascinating to consider the extent to which the food we eat and … Read More

Vive la France! Celebrate Bastille Day with Le Creuset

As the original French cookware manufacturers, we are proud of our French heritage and Bastille Day gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate the country’s wonderful history, culture and cuisine.

‘LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY!’ La Fête Nationale, as it … Read More