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The colour purple: juicy Cassis is berry beautiful

Have you ever been lucky enough to pick deliciously ripe berries growing wild on a brambly hedge? Remember biting into their juicy sweetness, and eating until your lips and fingers were stained purple and life felt as simple and perfect … Read More

Moodboard: Cool Mint Inspiration

Our new Cool Mint hue is so pretty that its looks speak for themselves. Feast your eyes on these luscious, lovely ways to use Cool Mint in your home. It is amazing how many moods this versatile shade has, … Read More

True colours: Le Creuset’s colour theory

Ever since our founders added a fiery orange pigment to their porcelain enamel glaze, colour has been at the heart of our work. Colour is as central to our character as our exceptional quality and thoughtful design. With the consistent … Read More

#ColourLove Instagram winners: who has won a whistling tea kettle?

Thank you for all your deliciously colourful #ColourLove Instagram entries. A picture paints a thousand words, and your Instagrams show us that you live life in full colour. Your fabulous pics give us privileged glimpses into your homes and your … Read More

Bring on sunshine: the power of yellow

Such is the power of yellow that we just have to look at all our wonderful Soleil and Dijon products here at Le Creuset and someone starts humming, ‘It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright, bright sunshiny day.’

The … Read More

Hot stuff: Our iconic Flame raises the temperature

With much of South Africa experiencing a taste of wintry weather, it’s time to contemplate the pleasures of hearty comfort food – which means you can get out your casserole dishes and tagines, your soup pots and winter pie dishes.

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Green revolution: colours so delicious you’ll really want to eat your greens

The colour green symbolises nature, healing, fertility, rebirth and life, so what better hue is there to capture today’s fresh spirit? People the world over are waking up to the green revolution – we’re starting to live in tune with … Read More

Singing the blues: how we love our Le Creuset blues

When people say their favourite colour is blue, we really get it! After all, it’s the colour of the sky and the ocean, of twilight, cornflowers and sapphires… Blue is the colour of introspection, order, serenity and responsibility – … Read More

L’Amour: Le Creuset’s Cherry Red

Ever since our founders added a fiery orange pigment to their enamel glaze, colour has been at the heart of our work. Inspirational and impactful, Le Creuset colours have become as central to our character as our quality. Today, … Read More