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The colour purple: juicy Cassis is berry beautiful

Have you ever been lucky enough to pick deliciously ripe berries growing wild on a brambly hedge? Remember biting into their juicy sweetness, and eating until your lips and fingers were stained purple and life felt as simple and perfect … Read More

Colour cue: the power of purple

You don’t have to eat just ‘your greens’ to be healthy: you can choose purple food too! A healthy diet includes a wide range of brightly coloured fresh fruits and veggies, as each colour in the produce rainbow offers … Read More

Colours on Trend: Cherry, Flame and Cassis

Spotted in the July issue of Garden and Home is the stunning colour combination of red, orange and purple.

Image: Garden and Home Magazine, July 2014

CASSIS Subtly graduating from crushed blackcurrant to rich aubergine, the deep purplish tones of our elegantly … Read More

Nostalgia rules! Our new Heritage stoneware dishes are a contemporary classic

Drawing inspiration from vintage designs found in Le Creuset’s archives, the Heritage collection recreates the time-honoured look of enamelled iron cookware but translates it into the finest stoneware that modern manufacturing techniques can produce. Each piece is expertly crafted … Read More

Love food – What’s your Valentine’s cooking style?

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams” – Dr Seuss

While we all love romance, there’s something rather soul-destroying about booking a … Read More

The Spirit of “Christmas Trees” Past

Six years ago, Le Creuset’s annual ‘Christmas Tree’ was born when we decided to use everyday items to create a festive scene to honour the season – it has also become a real celebration of how the kitchen is the … Read More

Colour Quiz: The Many Hues of You

What does your favourite colour say about you? Take our colour personality test to find out.

Without thinking about it too much, quickly answer this question: What is your favourite colour?

Now scroll down to see what this … Read More