18 October 2017

Serving Love in Scoops with Yococo

We’ve got the inside scoop on Yococo – SA’s newest dairy-free ice cream – courtesy of its creator Sinenhlanhla Ndlela.

Formerly a writer for television and a post-production professional, Sine is Joburg’s new non-dairy ice cream queen. While delving into the intricacies of vegan living, she came upon the concept of non-dairy frozen desserts, and so the journey began.

What’s in a name?

Yoghurt + Coconut = Yococo – it rolls off the tongue like a quality ice cream should, “ice-cream is life and things like lactose intolerance or veganism shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying your favorite dessert”, says Maboneng-based Sine, who is all about animal free, natural ingredients and flavours combined with nut-based milks and creams.

Flavour Cravings

From turmeric-laced Golden Milk to refreshing Avo & Mint, fragrant Earl Grey & Lavender and light and lovely Strawberry & Rosewater, Sine’s ice-creams feature fascinating flavour marriages that are amazing on their own and sure to be a fabulous finale to any meal. Yococo’s Rooibos Cookies and Dark Chocolate and Granadilla dairy-free ice-creams are two of her signatures, with fans throughout Johannesburg.

Chakra-based ice cream, who would have thought?

Made using a plethora of naturally aromatic ingredients, Yococo ice creams have one unique common factor in line with the owner’s personal philosophy: “All the flavours in the range are good for you as they are made according to the chakras”, says Sine. Lavender is for the crown chakra and represents femininity while granadilla ice cream is for the sacral chakra, associated with creativity and emotional well-being.

Sorbet Collection Style

Sine loves Le Creuset’s new Sorbet Collection! “Pastel-coloured items are always a great way to make an ice cream bar stand out”, says the ice cream innovator.

Cool Collab

For Sine, food informs fashion – and vice versa. At the unveiling of a recent collaboration with urban leisurewear brand DEAD at gourmet waffle house Van de Waffle in Rosebank, Sine created an on-trend black vegan ice cream (activated charcoal being the main ingredient), served on a charcoal Belgian waffle.

Sine’s Quick & Easy Nicecream Recipe

Freeze 5-6 peeled and chopped bananas. Place in a blender and blitz. Add 4 teaspoons of peanut butter and 1 teaspoon of cocoa. Blend and enjoy.

Where to get it?

Joburg-based Yococo fans can order their fix via Instagram or and delivery is free within a 5km radius of the Maboneng precinct.

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