27 August 2019

Sage Advice: Colour Play with Our New Hue

It’s strong yet so subtle and is extraordinarily easy on the eye. New Sage from Le Creuset is the colour that everyone’s talking about, and with good reason. The gentle tone is sure to make its presence felt in many a keen cook’s kitchen and on enthusiastic entertainers’ tables this spring and summer. Sage is an on-trend tone that your other Le Creuset colours will love, and it makes dishes look simply sensational (particularly fresh greens!)

Food & Mood

There will always be a place for joyful brights, but Sage couldn’t be more in tune with the 21st century search for balance and calm. It’s a tone that embraces other colours beautifully – be it other greens (think Kale), blues (we love Sage with Deep Teal) or more neutral tones like Mist and especially Meringue. In fact, we think Meringue and Sage are a magnificent and timeless match!

Back to Nature

The launch of this herb-inspired hue reflects a global return to home-grown produce, from household veggie gardens to smaller-scale herb gardens grown on windowsills. It also represents the growing power of plant based food on menus around the world, and of course that indoor plants are the new pets!

The Global Love of Green

You only need to take a scroll through Instagram to see that Sage, one of nature’s most complementary tones, is everywhere! Décor and fashion trend folk love this gorgeous green with its grey undertones – it’s easy-going and uncomplicated, it leans towards a vintage aesthetic but then is so modern too – a true tone for all times.

Whether you’re looking to make another Le Creuset Casserole investment, adding to your kitchen essentials or searching for a gift to wow someone special, Sage is a great place to start! To view the full range, visit your nearest Le Creuset Boutique Store or shop online at where delivery is free.

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