19 March 2020

Our Multitasking Champion: The Round Cast Iron Casserole

Le Creuset Cast Iron

Anyone who has ever slow-cooked a stew to tender, juicy perfection in one of our wonderful cast iron casseroles will be a Le Creuset convert, but did you know that this simple kitchen classic is a truly versatile, multipurpose winner? No doubt you’ve also used it on your stovetop, where the even heat distribution and excellent heat retention mean that you can simmer ingredients over low temperatures to meld their flavours together like a true kitchen pro. But did you know that our Signature Round Casserole is also brilliant for baking?


Each casserole is coated with our long-lasting enamel that resists chipping and cracking.

On the inside, the enamel is engineered to resist staining and dulling. The sand colour of the interior enamel makes it easy to keep an eye on your food as it cooks, preventing burning and sticking.

On the outside, the enamel is tinted with our gorgeous signature colours.

The lid has built-in stabilizers that ensure it fits really well and won’t slip out of position. It is also domed to maximise circulation of steam within the casserole. This locks in moisture so your dish is juicy and delicious.

The cast-iron sides and base are designed to be an absolutely uniform thickness, so heat is distributed 100% evenly.

You can use them on any heat source, including ceramic and induction stovetops, as well as inside the oven.

You can wash your casseroles in the dishwasher.

They have a lifetime guarantee!


Put Your Casserole to Work

Coriander and coconut-milk give our this vibrant Thai Red Sweet Potato Soup an exotic touch, while a hint of lime juice, ginger and chilli pump up the flavour. Simmer it slowly to allow the flavours to develop into a creamy, rich and delicious soup.

An Italian twist on Swedish-style meatballs, this recipe is inspired by the classic flavours of Scandinavia. Handmade pork meatballs sit in a beautifully light yet creamy, white wine and stock sauce that is peppered with fresh dill and parsley. Served over fresh tagliatelle, it is a meal the whole family will enjoy.

This Chicken Casserole is simple, almost hands-off cooking as Grandma used to make it: a quick browning of chicken pieces and sautéing of onion, garlic and celery on the stovetop, and then pop the lot – plus some chicken stock – into the oven to slowly bake. Delicious!

These Cinnamon Buns are easier to make than you’d ever believe and look absolutely amazing. They’re a truly impressive baked treat that will knock everyone’s socks off!

Ciabatta is a classic Italian loaf, made up of a high quantity of water. With its chewy texture, it makes the perfect sandwich or dipping bread. The secret lies in the way our cast-iron casserole retains heat plus the very tight-fitting lid that keeps all the moisture in!

It can be difficult to know exactly what size pot to choose. The trick is to consider how many people you usually cook for – our handy guide below will show you how many servings each size casserole can accommodate. We recommend you first invest in the sizes that satisfy your daily requirements, and then top up with one or two extra dishes for special occasions and cooking needs.

Know your Le Creuset Sizes - Round Casserole

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  1. Tarryn Li Green

    Just wandering if I can use the oval oven casserole dish on a gas stove top?

    • Hi Tarryn, thank you for your comment. Cast iron can be used on both stovetop and in the oven. Happy cooking!

  2. Jaynee Potts

    I have a kettle it’s about 6 months old & the enamel is chipping off . Can I return it ?

    • Hi Jaynee,

      Thank you for your comment. Please take your kettle to your nearest Le Creuset store where a store manager will be able to assist you.

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