6 March 2020

Rices of the World

Rice is enjoyed at home all over the world. It is a staple food in many cultures—some of which enjoy it several times a day, at any time of the day. Whether served as a starter, main course, side dish or even as a dessert, rice is a tasty flavour carrier and can be used in many ways. But rice is not just rice. It comes in many different varieties that vary by their uses and characteristics.

Rices of the World

Did you know? There are 40 000 types of rice on the planet! These are broken down into three main categories: long grain, medium grain, and short grain. How many of the below rice types have you tried?

  • Basmati: A fragrant, light and fluffy rice from the Himalayas, integral to Indian cuisine
  • Black rice: Black rice, also known as purple rice or forbidden rice, is a nutritious and ancient grain that has been grown in India for centuries
  • Bonnet:  A medium grain white rice with a mild flavour that compliments spicy cooking
  • Carmague Red: An earthy, nutty red rice cultivated in France
  • Jasmine: A long grain rice native to Thailand with a delicate floral and buttery scent
  • Sushi: A tasty, sticky short-grain rice, with grains that are small and round

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Rice Essentials

Le Creuset stocks all the quality essentials for storing, cooking and serving rice in style. Be inspired to try something new with this versatile grain.

Mediterranean Casserole

Recipe Inspiration

There are so many creative ways to eat rice – from savoury to sweet. Try some of our delicious ideas below.

‘Primavera’ Fried Rice
The perfect side for a variety of dishes, best enjoyed immediately.

Everyday Rice Revival
Enjoy five different ways with rice with this versatile one-pot recipe.

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