28 February 2018

Relaxed Summer Entertaining with Lorna Maseko

These lazy languid summer days are made for laid-back get-togethers. The challenge, though, is to entertain without breaking into a sweat. We turned to Lorna Maseko, our favourite hostess with the mostest, for her top tips for entertaining with sheer ease.

The thing I love most about entertaining is allowing friends to come together around a table to enjoy one another’s company, and seeing them appreciate the effort it takes to prepare the food, decor and the menu.

The key to successful and easy entertaining is to keep it simple: don’t over-complicate things.

A great menu for easy entertaining should always have a little something for everyone. I personally like to nibble on different things when I’m out for dinner and I want my friends to have the same experience when I am entertaining.

When choosing the dishes for summer entertaining you should consider food that’s not too heavy, but rather light and full of flavour. You already have the heat to deal with – as delicious as your food is, you don’t want people feeling lethargic and lazy.

When I entertain I always include welcome drinks and canapés or light snacks. This is a sneaky buffer in case I’m running late – at least I then know that my guests are looked after and won’t get too grumpy if they have to wait a bit for the dinner spread.

I find that Le Creuset cookware is perfect for easy entertaining because it goes straight from the oven, stove or fridge to the table. The cookware looks great – I love how its colours become part and parcel of your table decor. It makes entertaining that much easier because it’s one less thing to think about. Blue is one of my favourite colours; this dish in Caribbean Blue shows off my famous oxtail dish or a hearty stew to perfection!

My top tip for beautiful but easy presentation is to work with what you have and be creative by adding flowers or perhaps slices of colourful fruit to your water jar. I find that colour always lightens things up and adds life.

A classic monochrome palette also works beautifully in the heat of summer, creating a soothing, tranquil mood. Here, the cool restraint of the Multi Bowl in Black is the perfect showcase for saucy dishes like an easy pasta bolognaise or tom yum soup – my favourite!

I love the heart-shaped fluted tart dish. It inspired me to create something beautiful in this month of love! This dessert looks so pretty and sweet!

Lifestyle photography by Phenyo Keitheile

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