14 July 2017

Ready, Set, Go: Save 25% at the Le Creuset Sale!

Cure the winter blues with Le Creuset’s jewel-bright colours. Our fantastic Annual Sale is your chance to treat yourself (and your kitchen) to the finest – and most beautiful – cookware out there. Receive a whopping 25% off all those items on your wishlist or even stock up on Christmas pressies now to take the pressure off in December.

Enjoy savings of 25% on some of our most popular products – including Cast Iron Casseroles, Silicone Spatulas and Whistling Teakettles to Stoneware Fruit Bowls, Heritage Dishes, Espresso Mugs and much more. Head to your closest Le Creuset boutique store or shop online (free delivery included) between 14 July and 13 August 2017 for some true retail therapy.

Cobalt Blue & Ink

Rich and sophisticated dark blues are 2017’s favourite new neutral. If you’re drawn to a chic black-and-white palette but find it marginally too clinical for your home, take a serious look at our complex and dramatic Ink – a deep, saturated blue reminiscent of the African night sky on a moonless night. And then there is Cobalt Blue, an opulent, plush shade that reflects the richly graduated sky you’ll see once the sun sinks far beneath the horizon. These refined hues are totally on trend for 2017!

Mineral Blue

Inspired by the natural pigments found in violet minerals discovered deep under the earth, Mineral Blue is grounded in a sense of calm, soothing tranquillity. A tactile matte finish lends timeless elegance to the range, which has a delightfully muted and subtle charm.


Elegantly understated Dune, our ever-popular neutral hue, is a serene and soothing choice that radiates grown-up glamour. This is a shade that allows the elegance and iconic simplicity of each carefully designed Le Creuset piece to shine through, and is at its beautiful best in a kitchen that celebrates natural textures such as wood and stone.

The Matte Collection

How to celebrate colour in a minimalist interior? Go matte! This deliberately subtle, textured, low-shine finish whispers elegance and style. There is no need to limit yourself to black and white monochromes – mix and match Mineral Blue, Amethyst and Cotton cookware in tactile matte and let your kitchen glow with understated brilliance.

Bright Delights

Of course, we couldn’t ignore the needs of all our Le Creuset colour addicts. For you, our Sale offers a cornucopia of bright delights in our signature happy hues. Don’t miss this chance to treat yourself to all the delicious Le Creuset kitchenware you’ve been longing for all year.

Shop the Le Creuset Annual Sale online and storewide to enjoy savings of 25% on some of our most popular products, both large and small. Now is your chance to warm up your home with a range of iconic Cast Iron Casseroles, Signature Skillets, colourful Whistling Kettles, practically perfect Stoneware, and more! Offers valid from 14 July to 13 August 2017, and while stocks last.

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