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Bright ideas – alternative uses for Le Creuset items

Because Le Creuset is just too darn good-looking to be packed away between meals, be creative and think of new ways to use it every day. We asked Suzie Allderman, web designer and Le Creuset addict, to give us … Read More

Talking shop – our new boutique store opens in Port Elizabeth

We threw open the doors to our first Port Elizabeth boutique store just a week ago – and it is cooking! It’s Le Creuset’s 20th stand-alone store in South Africa, and the first in the Eastern Cape. PE … Read More

Colour Quiz: The Many Hues of You

What does your favourite colour say about you? Take our colour personality test to find out.

Without thinking about it too much, quickly answer this question: What is your favourite colour?

Now scroll down to see what this … Read More

Rising Stars – Our Brilliant Range of Bakeware

The hottest food trend right now is baking. That’s right, it seems that we’re channeling our grandmothers and rediscovering homemade favourites with the emphasis on local, seasonal ingredients. But because the modern domestic goddess insists on only the very … Read More

Cuppa for CANSA Winners 2013

We are delighted to announce the winners of our 2013 Host a Cuppa for CANSA competition. This year the entries were inspiring and motivating and we were really touched by how many heartfelt stories we received. Thank you to … Read More

Behind the Scenes at Streetwires

As we told you last week, Streetwires has collaborated with Le Creuset to produce all the Christmas decorations that will be brightening up all 18 of our stores throughout South Africa. This homegrown success story deserves a closer look…

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13 Nov '13


Introducing Palette

We are delighted with our new-look website – loyal Le Creuset fans will recognise the chic, cosmopolitan style that personifies our international presence in countries as far afield as the UK, Germany and Scandinavia. And because delicious food made with … Read More

31 Oct '13


Celebrate the Season

This is such an exciting time of year: the days are getting longer and longer, the trees are budding green leaves, the sunshine has real warmth in it and summer holidays are just around the corner.

Even better, the … Read More

Host a Cuppa for CANSA and win!

Host a Cuppa for CANSA is about family, friends, survivors and acquaintances getting together to have fun and to help fight cancer. You can serve your favourite beverage, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, soup, juice, fruit smoothies or whatever your heart … Read More

Introducing Rosemary Green

From garden to kitchen – Le Creuset introduces Rosemary Green.

Warm, approachable and sophisticated, Rosemary Green by Le Creuset is the latest addition to classic green hues from the makers of the world’s finest premium French cookware. This fresh natural … Read More