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The Best Summer Recipes

With the festive season drawing to a close, some of you may be feeling a little overindulged from the holiday period. We’ve put together some of our favourite Summer recipes, which are light and delicious – perfect for the New Year!

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Flavour feature: figs – the food of the gods

Archaeological evidence shows that fig trees – together with the grape vine and olive tree – were one of the first plants to be cultivated. Wild fig pips dated to 7800 to 6600 BCE have been found at neolithic … Read More

From strength to strength: Le Creuset’s Managing Director, Ben Paine on his vision for 2015

While it may have been a serendipitous suggestion from a friend that motivated our managing director to become involved in Le Creuset at the outset, it is no accident that this foodie powerhouse and his wife Jamie (who heads … Read More

New Year’s Cooking Resolutions: inspiring, totally attainable culinary goals for 2015

While New Year’s resolutions are a great idea in principle, a few months into the year they can leave you feeling guilty and just a little inadequate as your idealistic ambitions crumble under the pressure of daily life. So … Read More

A sneak peek at what’s to come at Le Creuset in 2015

With another year ahead of us, we have to admit we are quite excited for what lies ahead at Le Creuset. Here we share a sneak peek of a few new products we have lined up.


Top 15 Le Creuset Products for 2014

Here we share the best of the best for 2014 – these are our top sellers for the year.


All cast iron can be used on gas, electric, ceramic, hallogen, induction and in the oven. Le Creuset … Read More

Meet the Manager: Helena Dharamraj, La Lucia

With nine years behind her at Le Creuset and a full 25 years in retail, Helena Dharamraj, store manager at La Lucia, is still one of our biggest fans. ‘Working with Le Creuset is really special and indeed an … Read More

Merry Christmas from Le Creuset

By now you are probably surrounded by the happy faces of those you love best in the whole world, the mouthwatering cooking aromas of the feast that awaits you … Read More

Nataniël’s table

Singer, songwriter, entertainer and cook Nataniël talks about non-conformity, his grandmother, Gordon Ramsay and being brave every day. By Nia Magoulianiti-McGregor

 Nataniël can’t help remembering what his friend and SA food icon Topsi Venter always used to say: ‘Most modern … Read More

Our top tips for easy entertaining this Christmas

’Tis the season for loving and sharing, and for celebrating life’s simple pleasures. Christmas is the time for making memories with the people you love most in the whole world, for sharing fabulous food, good times and summer sun.

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