10 October 2018

Next Generation Cocktails: It’s All About Zero Waste

Meet sustainable cocktails, the next generation of mixed drinks that not only taste great but help save the planet from added waste too. Ingredients like skins, leaves, stems, seeds, pits and roots are typically relegated to the landfill – but could instead very easily (and creatively!) be used to make your next round of dinner party cocktails.

Recently, the zero-waste trend has taken off around the world, with bartenders becoming increasingly eco-minded in how they approach waste and lessen their environmental impact. It’s a philosophy that can easily be carried through into the home too.

Before any ingredient that is still fresh and edible is thrown away, ask yourself the question: “Can this be used for something?”. If you want to take your sustainability efforts further, try using organic spirits and consider some of the other products you’re using, like biodegradable straws.

Sustainable Sipping

Want to try your hand at zero-waste cocktails? These two easy, delicious recipes will get you started. Serve in Le Creuset’s elegant range of lead-free Stemware.

Juice your unwanted greens or trimmings to make this vibrant G&T (you may want to strain any excess pulp.) Try combinations like cucumber, mint, basil and fennel or the tops of sugar snap peas for some sweetness.

The best way to use the waste and peelings from your citrus is to infuse them into a simple syrup for your next cocktail. Reserve some citrus skins to use for garnish too. (Bonus tip: This infused citrus syrup also tastes wonderful when drizzled over a polenta cake straight out of the oven!)

Up your drinks repertoire with more of our recipes, available on the free Le Creuset Recipe App or online.

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