11 April 2019

Natural Harmony: Breathe Calm into Your Home

Breathe calm into your home with Le Creuset's Meringe and Flint hues

Flint and Meringue are the two new sublime shades from Le Creuset. These subtle hues embrace serenity and effortlessly relaxed and uncomplicated style. Try these styling tips for incorporating natural elements and harmonious hues into your space.

Elemental Appeal

Bring nature into your home by following your adventurous spirit. From shells collected on beach-combing expeditions to sculptural branches found on forest walks and velvety smooth pebbles discovered in river beds, keep your eyes peeled for simple beauties that inspire.
TRY THIS TIP Create an installation of your finds or delight your guests with a table dotted with your discoveries.

Le Creuset Flint

Sprigs and Single Blooms

While bouquets of brightly coloured blooms are undeniably beautiful, both Flint and Meringue are perfect partners for the simplest palette of surprises found in nature. A handful of dandelions, a single fern or a sun bleached, sculptural branch all hold promise for creating uncomplicated, visual joy.
TRY THIS TIP Team these easy tones and elemental finds with hand loomed vintage linen and you’ll create a look that’s timeless in its appeal.

Le Creuset Meringue

Moody Magic

Flint lends itself to creating a thoughtful mood. It’s the sea on an overcast day and the sky heavy with rain – and on a table, it has elegant and sophisticated charm.
TRY THIS TIP Finish off the look with a sprinkling of Meringue stoneware, a scattering of singular fynbos blossoms and elegant silverware.

Le Creuset Flint

The serene combination of Meringue and Flint and inspiration from Mother Nature are a recipe for a harmonious home and on trend tabletop. To view the full range, visit your nearest Le Creuset Boutique Store, or shop online at

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