18 February 2020

Mid-Century Icon: Introducing the Loewy Skillet

In 1958, acclaimed designer Raymond Loewy created new and unique shapes to add to the world-renowned range of Le Creuset cast iron cookware. Internationally famous for his designs on some of the most well-known consumer brands, Loewy’s skillet for Le Creuset is now recognized as an icon of mid-century design.

French-born Loewy was the most influential industrial designer of the post-war era — designing products ranging from home goods, packaging and logo design, industrial designs for trains, to cars and other transportation.

In addition to being a designer piece, the Loewy Skillet delivers the same outstanding cooking performance as every other piece of Le Creuset cast iron, ensuring that every meal you prepare will taste absolutely delicious.

The Raymond Loewy Skillet is available exclusively online at, in limited quantities.

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