8 October 2017

The Scoop on Marianne Visser of The Creamery

At Le Creuset, there are few things that excite us more than homegrown local talent. When that talent also takes sustainable, locavore principles to tasty new heights, we celebrate with them—which is why we were so happy to do the photoshoot for our new Sorbet Collection at The Creamery in Mouille Point! This beautiful dessert café is one of three branches in the Mother City, but you can also delight your taste buds with The Creamery ice creams at the city’s favourite foodie market stalls. We caught up with Marianne Visser, co-owner of this delicious handmade ice cream company.

What inspired you to start The Creamery?
My partner Kate Schrire was working at the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch where she built up a fantastic network with small, independent farmers. She wanted to start her own food business where she could still continue with these relationships, and was struck by how fantastic, natural ice cream was not available easily at the time. Kate saw a gap in the market, and so the idea for The Creamery was born. I came on board in November 2011 when we ‘opened the doors’. In November 2013 we opened our dessert café in Newlands. Our Mouille Point and Palmyra Junction cafés followed in November 2015 and October 2016.

marianne visser, co-owner of the creamery

How do you keep things fresh?
We’re motivated by the seasons and the bounty they bring to us. We love the anticipation of spring’s first strawberries, or the quick thinking we need to do when one of our farmers surprises us with few kilos of blueberries. But what really gets us fired up is people. Whether it’s working with our 70-strong team or being the connecting thread between our suppliers and customers, our passion is people and creating joy. Ice cream helps us to create the everyday celebrations and to bring people together.

What are this season’s coolest flavours?
Spring, and the start of the fruit season, is probably one of the most exciting times of the year for us. This month we’re kicking off with Strawberry and Blueberry, but later in the summer, I’m personally looking forward to Granadilla Choc Chip, Nectarine and Garden Mint. Every February we serve Prickly Passions as our Flavour of the Month – it’s an intoxicating mix of prickly pear and passion fruit.

What ice-cream trends do you have your eye on right now?
We’re so excited that tea is finally getting its turn to be a trend! This winter we’ve been thrilled by how excited customers have been for our tea flavours like Limpopo Black Tea ice cream, Rooibos Chai and Matcha. For summer we’re going to try to develop an iced-tea flavour – it just sounds so refreshing, and iced teas with milk have definitely been making their way over from the East in the last year!

What is your favourite way to serve an ice-cream treat?
My favourite way to serve or eat ice cream is in a cone, but that’s not always practical around a dinner table. I love serving one of our Berry Ripple ice creams with fresh stone fruit or berries in an ice-cream bowl, or, in winter, Rooibos Chai ice cream on top of a warm pear pudding. If you’re in a rush, it’s pretty hard to beat our Cookie Dough or Oat Crumble toppings.

You know why we love The Creamery. What are your thoughts on The Sorbet Collection?
The Sorbet Collection is gorgeous, and it’s a perfect complement to our minty green cafés. My favourite product is definitely the ice-cream bowls, but I’ll always have a nostalgic soft spot for egg cups, and I think the Sorbet Collection colours translate beautifully onto the cups.

Your top tip for making homemade ice cream?
My advice is always to use the best, freshest, most delicious ingredients you can get your hands on. The brilliant thing about ice cream is you can put more or less anything in it, but there’s nowhere to hide. Ice cream is the perfect stage for your star ingredients to shine. David Lebovitz’s book, The Perfect Scoop, is a brilliant resource for amateur (and professional!) ice-cream makers.

Any interesting new flavour combinations to make at home?
We like to think hyper-local, so if you’re whipping up some homemade ice cream why not try flavour combinations from your garden: Honey and Lavender, Strawberry and Basil (maybe with a balsamic swirl), or Lemon and Berries?

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