8 November 2019

Le Creuset’s Festive Five

Whether you’re working on colour coordinating your Christmas table or planning which cookware essentials will help you reach your festive entertaining goals, Le Creuset lets you do it all – in a palette of bright, beautiful and uplifting shades.

The Festive Five

The Le Creuset Flavour Revival colour palette features Deep Teal, Sage, Coastal Blue, Meringue and Cerise – a heady mix of compelling jewel brights, soothing pastels and just the right shades of blue to have us dreaming of lazy summer days at the beach.


Each hue in the Christmas colour palette has significant stand-alone appeal, but together these tones make up a bold and effortlessly appealing palette that oozes happiness, easy living and celebration.

DEEP TEAL So modern, this strong shade commands attention and is a brave focal point in the palette. Bestselling items in this hue include the Signature Square Skillet Grill and Classic Salt & Pepper Mills.

SAGE Released in Spring 2019, Sage has captured the eyes and hearts of Le Creuset fans. Its subtle tone has a timeless appeal, and the Signature Buffet Casserole and 350ml Mug have been particularly popular items in this tone.

COASTAL BLUE This optimistic hue of blue brings a joyful edge to any table. Take a look at the Heritage Rectangular Dish with Lid and 22cm Jug which are both sought after products in this pastel colour.

CERISE The perennial Le Creuset classic is also an ideal Christmas choice. Bestsellers in this hue include two iconic Le Creuset products – the Signature Round Casserole and Whistling Teakettle.

MERINGUE This easy-on-the-eye neutral teams well with absolutely any shade, be it a bright or a pastel – it’s a definite classic buy! Favourite items in Meringue include the Spatula Crock and versatile Pasta/Salad Bowl.

Stir It Up

Living in the Southern Hemisphere and celebrating Christmas in summer gives us an opportunity to be so much bolder with our festive table colour choices. Red, white and green are the classic trio of course, but nowadays tables can come dressed in so many other colour selections.

Blue teams magnificently with gold – why not layer your table with a crisp white linen tablecloth and a selection of different shades of blue (from Coastal Blue to Deep Teal) and scatter gold baubles down the middle of the table for some stylish bling?

Green and white is ideal for nature-loving minimalists wanting to make a festive statement. Pair Sage and Meringue with bluegum leaves, fynbos flowers and garlands of fairy lights to complete the au naturale look.

Christmas is one of the best reasons to bring together the ones you love – why not make it a colourful one! To view the full range of Le Creuset products, visit your nearest Le Creuset Boutique Store or shop online at

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