6 March 2020

Introducing Ink: Le Creuset’s Timeless New Blue

Sophisticated, rich and dramatic, Ink is the new navy blue from Le Creuset, available in a range of cast iron cookware, stoneware, and accessories.

Ink is a contemplative colour; an assured shade that is classic yet unexpected, making it a guaranteed focal point in any kitchen.

Its deep blue tones can be both dark and contemporary or fresh and peppy, making it a truly versatile colour.

Much of Ink’s timeless appeal lies in its brooding colourway – it’s a hue that demands attention and in turns brings the focus to the food its paired with.

Apart from being the perfect partner for presenting foods, Ink teams well with white and other blues, and is bound to become a Le Creuset classic.

The Ink Collection

Le Creuset’s newest blue is available in a selection of enamelled cast iron cookware, oven-to-table stoneware, and kettle.

Recipe Inspiration

A quick and easy Irish style soda bread mix, flavoured with Cheddar cheese, chives and oats, shaped and baked into individual rolls, to serve and divide at the table.

Shop the Ink collection at your nearest Le Creuset Boutique Store or online at where delivery is free for orders over R200.

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