1 April 2019

Intentional Simplicity: Discover Meringue

Le Creuset introduces Meringue, a breath of fresh air in the kitchen and the latest addition to our colour palette. Used as a standalone neutral, or mixed with your other Le Creuset favourites, new Meringue simply exudes sophistication!

Just like the classic French confection that it is named after, Meringue is pure elegance. Its organic gradient picks up on the glossy texture and colour of whipped egg whites while adding a hint of toasted warmth for an ombré effect.

Inspired by current trends toward clarity and intentionality, Meringue can be used as an accent or main colour focus, creating a sense of calm in the kitchen.

Meringue brings Le Creuset’s storied heritage into the modern kitchen, creating a sense of understated luxury through its refined, distilled tones. Pair Meringue with a thoughtful assortment of calming hues, and you’ll have your very own kitchen oasis.

The soft, soothing ivory tone of Meringue is now available in store and online. Let Meringue inspire you to make the kitchen an effortlessly relaxed, quietly stimulating space in your home.

The Collection

Le Creuset’s chic new neutral is available in a selection of enamelled cast iron cookware and oven-to-table stoneware. If you’ve already fallen head over heels for Meringue, you’ll be pleased to know that the range will be further extended in September 2019!

Recipe Inspiration

Delicious Hazelnut & Cinnamon Cake is the perfect celebratory treat for any occasion.

When deciding on dinner seems impossible, this one-pot chicken soup is a simple, nourishing choice.

New Meringue is inspired by nostalgic cravings for simplicity and clarity. Shop the collection at your nearest Le Creuset Boutique Store or online at where delivery is free.

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