20 June 2019

In Praise of Slow

Winter is the perfect season to tap into the slow food and mood movement, where getting back to the basics of classic cooking is key, and quality, ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients are the cornerstones of many dishes.

The slow food and mood movement first appeared in the 80s as a backlash against the speed at which technology and fast food developments were being introduced. ‘Slow’ stands for ‘sustainable, local, organic, whole’ and in the colder months it can only inspire keen cooks to get creative with sourcing their ingredients and spending time in the kitchen.

Read on as we explore different ways for you to take it slow this season.

Love the Lesser-Known Ingredients

While spring and summer bring an enormous bounty of fruits and vegetables to the party, winter can be equally exciting for fans of slow food. Root vegetables abound at this time of year – they make the perfect base for soups, or can be roasted with fresh herbs to be served as sides. It’s also the perfect time of year to grow your own veg such as broad beans, and greens like spinach and bok choi.

Cooking for the Cold

Slow food is all about getting back to basics – both in food flavours and cooking methods. From home baked bread to flavour crammed stews, it’s about celebrating simple cuisine, dressing your table with love and savouring your cooking efforts. The best part? Casseroles – where the oven does all the work – really are king. Take time to note your favourite recipes so that your children can be reminded of these delicious memories later.

Together Time

‘A Sunday well spent spells a week of content’ – why not fill your bucket with love and schedule a slow-cooked lunch at home with loved ones at least every six weeks? Cook for your crowd or why not start a ‘pot luck’ club where everyone brings something for the table at each get together?

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