13 September 2018

How to Throw a Buddha Bowl Party

There’s no doubt about it, Buddha Bowls have taken the world by storm. These bowls of highly nutritious, edible offerings come in a variety of formats but you’ll almost always find a balanced combination of vegetables, proteins and healthy grains. Add to that some superfoods, marinated or pickled ingredients and seeds, nuts and microgreens for colour and crunch and you have a winning combination of freshness and flavour.

Fabulous Feasting

Help-yourself Buddha bowl bars are a wonderful way to encourage conversation, they’re a superb ice breaker and an outstanding reason to celebrate seasonal produce and artisanal ingredients.

While a Buddha Bowl lunch or dinner party is certainly an on-trend option for hosts-in-the-know, what’s even better is the fact that they offer guests and hosts a chance to indulge healthily! What better way to share your veggie garden’s latest offerings, your latest food market finds and empty your fridge than with a convivial Buddha Bowl party?

What’s in a Buddha Bowl

There are no hard and fast rules to making a Buddha Bowl, but this guide will help you create one that’s beautifully balanced and most importantly – nutrient dense.

  • GRAINS Buddha bowl devotees will agree that whole grains (organic where possible) are the base for the best bowls. Wild rice, quinoa, wholewheat couscous, freekah, millet and barley are all crammed with low GI goodness and a host of vitamins.
  • GREENS Whether you leave them raw, sauté them or steam them, a variety of leafy greens will ensure you are getting plenty of fibre, folate, and carotenoids. Add to that a mix of sliced peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, spring onions and any other veggies that catch your eye and you’re good to go.
  • BEANS or MEAT PROTEINS Since Buddha Bowls have long been favoured by vegans, the protein component has always traditionally come from legumes (including chickpeas, beans and lentils). Nowadays you’ll find more meat-based protein suggestions – ranging from seared fish to roast chicken and slices of rare steak.
  • DRESS UP A sauce or dressing is key to enjoying your Buddha Bowl. For fish based bowls, a soy-based dressing is best since the saltiness cuts through the oily fish beautifully. Serving chicken? Try a mustard vinaigrette with fresh tarragon and if you’re making a beef bowl, go for a soy-based sauce with rice wine vinegar and a touch of chilli to add extra kick.


4 Tips for Hassle-Free Hosting

Before you set off to the market or the shops, first see what you’ve got in your fridge or pantry. The beauty of Buddha Bowls is that you don’t need enormous amounts of ingredients – they’re a chance to use up and combine ingredients in interesting ways.

Have a look at what’s in season and build your Buddha Bowl bar selection around that – be it winter greens, sun ripened summer tomatoes or crunchy spring beans.

You can cook items like grains and chicken the night before your party and veggies can be sliced and stored in the fridge beforehand too.

Just as Buddha Bowls are a mix of different shaped and coloured ingredients and components, a Buddha Bowl bar can be a visually appealing mix of kitchen and serving ware. Put out a selection of Multi-Bowls, Ramekins and Cocottes piled high with ingredients – moving from grains to your greens and beans or proteins. Serve warm ingredients straight from the stove to the table in a Signature Round Casserole or Skillet Grill – this approach is authentic and stays true to the principles of what-you-see-is-what-you-eat.

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