21 January 2019

How to Master Lunches ‘Al Desko’

While ordering in may be the immediate answer to your lunch hour cravings, the ‘convenience’ will soon make a dent in your pocket and you may be tempted to go with less healthier options.

This time-savvy, budget conscious and nutrition-focused formula can help you work smarter and plan for healthier, happier lunches for you and your family.

Be Prepared

Whether washing and chopping lettuce and salad vegetables on a Sunday night so they’re ready for the rest of the week, roasting a chicken for sandwiches and salads or boiling eggs so you know you have a protein-packed snack on-the-go, prepping and planning means your work lunches will be ready to go in minutes.

TIP: Tray bakes are a brilliant bet for work lunch prep. Use Le Creuset’s Rectangular Oven Tray for roasting vegetables with chicken pieces or to toast ciabatta rounds to snack on with dips.


The ‘Take 5’ Lunch Formula

Keep these 5 fridge and pantry essentials on standby for assembling delicious lunches ‘al desko’.


From iron-packed spinach to cooked broccoli (a proven brain food), shredded cabbage, fresh lettuce and mixed fresh herbs, devoting 50% of your plate to greens and veggies is a surefire way to stay healthy all year.


Once or twice a week, chop and shred a selection of fresh vegetables and roast or grill veggies with olive oil and herbs too. Store your prepped veg in the fridge in sealed containers fridge until you’re ready to assemble your lunch.


Proteins are a lunchtime must-have for feeling satisfied. Cooked and shredded chicken is so versatile for sandwiches and salads and will keep in the fridge for up to four days. Any leftover beef is an absolute win – think roast beef sandwiches or a mouthwatering fillet with roasted red onion and rocket salad. Love a dip? Blend cannellini beans with fresh herbs and yoghurt to make a delicious dip or make your own hummus at home. And don’t forget boiled eggs – they’re the original protein-packed superfood!
TIP: A jar of nut butter hidden in your desk drawer is a perfect protein-filled choice to beat any afternoon slumps.


Pre-cooked lentils, rice or pasta are filling and delicious building blocks for tasty work lunches and Buddha bowls. Make your own melba toast for enjoying with dips and cheeses and grab a few slices when packing your lunch, or bake and freeze muffins for grab-and-go lunchbox fillers.


A delicious surprise elevates your desktop lunch to something wonderful. Make sure you have jars of homemade dressing and mayonnaise on standby and stock up on toasted seeds, olives and chopped dried fruit to give your salads, sandwiches and Buddha bowls that extra zing!

TIP: Make your own trail mix with toasted seeds, nuts and dried fruit and keep in a storage jar on your desk for sneaky snacks and sprinkling on salads.

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