26 June 2019

How to Make Pour-Over Coffee

Pour-overs are an increasingly popular way to make delicious coffee at home. Also known as ‘manual filter coffee’, this brewing method is preferred among enthusiasts because it allows a lot more control over factors like strength and taste. If you’re excited to join the pour-over coffee trend, read on as we show you how!

You’ll need:

Step 1

Boil water in the new Le Creuset Drip Kettle. Make sure to match the heat source to the size of the base of the kettle.

Step 2

Prepare the paper filter, placing it in the Le Creuset Pour-Over Coffee Maker, positioned on top of your mug. Wet the paper filter with hot water from the kettle, and discard the water in the mug afterwards.

Step 3

Add a spoonful of ground coffee, about 20g, in the centre of the filter cone. Most pour-over experts recommend a medium-fine grind, similar to the texture of sea salt or sand.

Step 4

Pour over a little hot water in circles over the coffee, until completely wet. The gooseneck shape of the Le Creuset Drip Kettle really helps with precision! Wait for 10 seconds, allowing the coffee to bloom. Continue pouring-over the hot water in circles in small amounts for up to 2 minutes to keep a constant flow rate of the drip and for the best extraction of flavour.

Step 5

Enjoy a cup of deliciously fresh brewed coffee! Why not pair it with some treats from our Recipe Site?

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