10 May 2019

Green Your Space with Our NEW Large Planters

Le Creuset Large Planters

Following on from the success of Le Creuset’s 14cm Herb Planters, our gorgeous new range of 18cm Large Planters is infinitely stylish and practical, and comes in a range of sophisticated colours – from punchy brights to classic neutrals and easy-going monochromes.

House Plant Proud

Plants have become an integral part of interior design and architecture, with indoor potted plants enjoying popularity in homes that was last seen in the 70s. Not only do plants make beautiful décor accents, tending to them can also be hugely rewarding and has been proven to have a positive effect on one’s wellbeing.
Top tip: Think of your home as its own biosphere and place plants accordingly – warmer, draught-free spots are suitable for the likes of orchids and sun-splashed zones lend themselves to hardier options such as ornamental olive trees.

Le Creuset Large Planters

The Inside Track on Indoor Plants

Times have changes since ferns were the hottest things to hit homes!

  • Current top of the pot plants are the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Ficus Benjaminus, Philodendrons and any of the Monstera species. None of these like draughts or full light but their lovely shapes and full growth (especially a well-loved Ficus) make them so easy on the eye and such a strong decorative element.
  • Love Palms and Bamboo species provide a full flush of lush in any home.
  • Interesting choices like String of Pearls are up there in the style stakes.

Top tip: Start with succulents. They’re hardy, need only a little bit of water and love.

Le Creuset Large Planters

Group Dynamics

From thoughtful groupings of succulents to windowsills brimming with fresh herbs, striking placements of sculptural tropical beauties and lush Ficus species, there are endless ways to make gorgeous green statements in your home by grouping plants creatively.
Top tip: When decorating with planters, group in odd numbers – three is ideal.

Le Creuset Large Planters

Colour Play

The range of stoneware Large Planters is available in a stylish palette of colours featuring versatile tones Cerise, Deep Teal, Marseille, Navy, Mist Grey and Meringue.

Large Planter in Navy Large Planter in Meringue Large Planter in Cerise

Get going on greening your space! To view our full range of Large Planters and Herb planters, visit your nearest Le Creuset Boutique Store, or shop online at, where delivery is free.

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