6 November 2019

Glass Act: Our New Range of Crystal Glasses

Le Creuset is about so much more than just cooking: lifestyle is central to everything we do and everything we design. And because great food and wine go together like salt and pepper, coffee and rusks, and pasta and Parmesan, we’ve developed a superior range of excellent quality crystal glasses with our classic eye for high design and durability as a hallmark. With four different shapes, there is a glass for all your wine requirements, and the range is perfect for special occasions or for everyday use. These gorgeous glasses are the perfect complement to our sought-after wine accessories range, and they really do provide just the right finishing touch for a well-laid table.


  • Our premium glasses are produced in high-clarity, lead-free, machine-blown crystalline glass
  • The range includes shapes to satisfy all your drinking requirements
  • Exclusive design to Le Creuset
  • Higher manufacturing quality ensures no visible bubbles and a more stable base
  • The new range features increased capacities


Raise Your Glass

Wine lovers will know that really good glassware with the right shape for every occasion is an integral part of enjoying fine wines. The shape of the glass influences the taste of wine by:

  • Releasing aromas. A bowl with a wider surface area allows volatile alcohol to disperse so you can savour the aromas in the wine itself.
  • Collecting aromas. Depending on the style of wine, you may want a glass with a larger bowl that makes it easy to swirl the wine and that also gathers the aromas. Plus, a large, easy-swirling bowl encourages aeration.
  • Enhancing flavour appreciation. The shape of the glass’s bowl directs the wine towards specific areas of the tongue, impacting on the way you experience the wine’s taste.
  • Keeping the wine cooler. Wine remains cooler within a more narrow/compact shape, and a rim with a narrow diameter also prevents the dispersion of aromas.

Meet Your Match

Because knowing exactly what shape glass to use can be more than a little confusing, here is how to match your glass with the drinks you’ll be serving.

Set of 4 Champagne Flutes
Perfect for any celebration or party, enjoy all varieties of champagne and sparkling wine in our Champagne flutes. The narrow, compact shape of this glass maximises the formation of the bubbles and helps to keep your wine cooler for longer.

Set of 4 White Wine Glasses
Enjoy your favourite white or rosé wine in this elegantly shaped glass. The slim design helps to keep the wine cooler for longer, while the narrow rim retains the aromas in the glass, allowing you to more fully appreciate the clean, crisp flavours.

Set of 4 Red Wine Glasses
With a wider bowl, this glass is suited to more delicate wines, such as Pinot Noir, that require a larger area to aerate them and that allows the aromas to more fully develop. The shape of the glass directs the wine to the tip of your tongue to enhance the fruitiness of the flavour.

Set of 4 Tumblers
The perfect water glass to complement the wine glasses on your table setting. Designed to be versatile, the unique shape of this tumbler also makes it ideal for the more casual enjoyment of everyday white or red wines.

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