26 February 2018

Gift Registry Etiquette

Setting up a carefully considered gift registry takes all the stress out of gifting for your friends and family. Here’s our simple gift registry guide that will help you navigate the etiquette of asking for exactly what you want…

1. Don’t forget to register in good time

A wedding or special-occasion gift registry is a real help to your guests. This way they know exactly what you need or have your eye on, and can gauge your tastes. It’s important to set up your gift registry as early as possible as this gives your friends and family an early heads-up so that they can also choose things you love (and need) for related celebrations such as your kitchen tea or bachelorette party. Group gifting is a big trend these days – setting up your registry well in advance also gives friends the chance to club together.

2. Take inventory of the things you already own

It can be overwhelming to choose from all the inviting items in store or on our website. Our top tip is to create a ‘shopping list’ before you’ve even left home or logged on to our site. Start off by going through all the kitchenware you both already have. Note down any gaps or things that really need to be upgraded. (For example, if you are moving from a solo apartment to a married home, chances are you’ll need some larger pans and casseroles.) Don’t forget to think about entertaining – have you got enough matching wine glasses, a decent decanter and a really effective corkscrew? How about super-sharp knives? A great tip is to divide home essentials into categories and try to make sure you’ve covered all the bases in your gift registry.

3. Don’t register just for the essentials

A gift registry is the perfect opportunity to create a true wish list, in every sense of the phrase. Longing for a Signature Wok or a Moroccan Tagine? This is your chance to politely put your request out there… Remember, people often love to club together to make your dreams come true. (This is where setting up your gift registry well in advance can really pay off.) You should also register for more gifts than people on your guest list – this gives them plenty of choices and ensures that there are gifts they can treat you to for your wedding shower too.

4. Cover different price points

Remember to include lovely items both large and small. Your guests may well be buying you both kitchen tea and wedding presents, so include items from a range of price points so everyone can afford to buy you something special. Colour-coordinated accessories can be a great decor accent or the perfect finishing touch on your dinner table. Think accessories that will complement your cookware – such as Silicone Spatulas (which you can display on your countertop in a matching Le Creuset Jug), our cute Tea Light Candle Holders or an Espresso Cup and Saucer Set for two!

5. Don’t forget to put a link to your registry up on your wedding website

This may seem obvious, but remember to add the link for your gift registry to your wedding website. While it is generally considered poor form to include gift-registry information with the formal wedding invitation, you can certainly send it out with any kitchen tea invitations and ‘Save the Date’ reminders – and spread the love by word of mouth, too.

Click here to download our free printable kitchen tea invitation

6. Top up your registry closer to the wedding

Remember to maintain your gift registry! Update your selection with additional items as gifts are purchased – this ensures that guests who leave gift-buying to the last minute still have a good range of options to choose from. It is super-easy to do this with our flexible online gift registry.

7. Say thank you!

Send thank-you cards for every gift (and to every gift-giver in the case of group gifts) as soon as possible after the event! Standard etiquette is to send thank-you notes within two weeks or, if you’re going away on honeymoon, no later than two months after you return home. While these notes don’t have to be very long, you should make them personal to really express your gratitude.

Download our free printable wedding thank you note 

Pop into your nearest Le Creuset Boutique Store for inspiration and advice from our knowledgeable consultants or set up your entire gift registry from the comfort of your home using our comprehensive online service at

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