24 January 2019

Food Trends for 2019

From skewered meat and veggies to mouth puckering pickles, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the delicious trends we’re excited to see and taste this year.

1. Tricks with Sticks

We have the global appreciation of street food and food truck treats to thank for the fun focus on edibles on sticks. Think gourmet popsicles, spicy satay skewers in every meat imaginable, waffle pops and even mini sliders – all in an easy-to-eat format.

2. Better-for-You Beverages

We’ve seen fruit and veggie juicing reach new heights over the past few years followed by the appearance of Kombucha, the fermented tea ‘super-drink’. Other healthy beverages to look out for include metabolism-boosting Matcha, cordials made with wild botanicals and a variety of drinks containing natural health-boosting ingredients such as turmeric, activated charcoal and collagen.

3. Middle Eastern Magic

The rise of the global village means food that was once thought of as exotic is now commonplace and celebrated and Middle Eastern cuisine certainly deserves its place in the sun. Star chefs like UK-based Yotam Ottolenghi are leading the charge but expect to see more Lebanese and Turkish specialities on menus near you.

4. Sour Is the New Sweet

One of the essential five flavours, sour is set to show its face more than ever in 2019. Chefs are shifting their focus to the likes of mouth puckering pickles (think Korean kimchi), tart flavours like dark chocolate, Greek yoghurt, goat’s cheese. The beverage industry is also exploring bitter flavours with through craft beers and aperitifs such as Aperol. The special something that sour has? It’s all about less sugar.

5. Ocean Inspired Flavours

The huge emphasis on dwindling ocean resources has helped turn chefs’ attention to the lesser-known edible treasures found in and around our waters. Foraging in rock pools is big news – look out for the likes of urchins and sea vegetables (kelps, seaweeds and samphire) and enjoy the salty flavours that they bring to the table.

Italian Seafood Pasta

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