1 October 2019

Everyday Cooking Made Easy with the NEW Cocotte Every

Le Creuset introduces the Cocotte Every—a versatile new piece that can be used every day, by everyone, for nearly every type of dish. Whether you’re starting your cookware collection or adding to it, the Cocotte Every is bound to become an essential in your kitchen!

Video: Le Creuset of America / Justin Chapple (Food and Wine Culinary Director)

Made from enamelled cast iron, the Cocotte Every features an additional stoneware lid inside which can be removed to be used as a standard casserole. And while its design primarily lends itself to cooking perfect, fluffy rice, the Cocotte Every boasts a variety of uses, such as:

  • Preparing soups and stews
  • Frying
  • Grilling meats, thanks to the satin black interior
  • Baking breads and cake

The Cocotte Every’s round-curved bottom, deep body, and dome-shaped lid have all been designed to create a triple effect in maximising heat convection and moisture circulation, providing even cooking results; while the stoneware inner lid prevents boil-over and features two air vents to let steam escape. This helps to remove extra moisture which is important to the technique of cooking rice.

The interior satin black enamel finish has been especially designed to protect the pan (no seasoning is required). Over time it develops a natural patina that is ideal for searing, browning and frying with the advantage of being extremely long-lasting and resistant to wear.

The Cocotte Every is available now in Le Creuset boutique stores and online at and comes in an attractive palette of colours including Cerise, Flame, Marseille, White, Indigo, Flint, and Meringue.

Recipe Inspiration

Try these delicious recipes, specially developed for the new Cocotte Every.

All-in-One Pot Pasta
Full of fresh Italian flavour, this one-pot pasta is the perfect weeknight supper for two.

The New Pot Bread
An easy one-pot bread recipe that anyone can make. Perfect for dipping into olive oil.

Lemon Chilli Rice Broth
Cooking rice in broth instead of plain water ensures delicious results. This recipe features a spicy kick from the chilli and ginger.

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