19 March 2020

Your Essential Pantry Checklist

Make sure you’ve stocked up on the essentials for making delicious comfort food and flavourful feasts all year round!

1. Delicious Dry Grains & Pulses

Whether you’re whipping up an impromptu Friday night pasta with friends, making your famous chilli con carne or adding some quinoa to soup to bulk it up, a selection of grains and pulses is essential.

You need: Beans (cannellini, chickpeas, black beans), pasta (shapes, spaghetti), rice (shortgrain, risotto, basmati), quinoa, oats.

DID YOU KNOW? You can cook pasta really quickly in a pan and from cold – perfect for quick one-bowl pastas on the go.

2. Terrific Tinned Goods

Lifesavers when you’re stumped for what to cook or serve, tinned foods are a flavour-crammed quickfire solution for so many eating eventualities.

You need: Tinned chopped tomatoes (buy in bulk!), tomato paste for stews and casseroles, coconut milk, olives and capers, tinned fruits for vitamin-rich, puddings and fruit bakes.

DID YOU KNOW? A pinch of sugar in a tomato-based casserole helps balance the acidity.

3. Herbs and Spices to Stock Up On

Stews, casseroles and slow-cooked specialties need lots of flavour. Make sure you’ve got yours ready to go!

You need: Sea salt and black pepper, dried origanum and rosemary for slow roasted lamb stews, dried tarragon for chicken pies and casseroles, curry spices, stock powder or liquid, all-purpose herb rub for roasts.

DID YOU KNOW? Spices and chillies speed up our metabolism!

4. Oils & Sauces You’ll Need

Have these on hand to make sauces and add depth to your dishes.

You need: Good olive oil for drizzling, coconut oil for cooking and frying, balsamic reduction for glazes, gravies and sauces, red wine vinegar for deglazing roasting dishes and for dressings, Sriracha and mustard to spice things up.

DID YOU KNOW? A classic salad dressing consists of 75% oil and 25% vinegar.

5. Fabulous Fish

Get your omegas in with these tasty tinned essentials.

You need: Tuna for pastas, bakes and baked potato toppings, tinned mussels for quick seafood pastas and pilafs, sardines smashed on toast.

DID YOU KNOW? An anchovy or two added to a lamb casserole ups the umami factor of a dish resulting in amazing flavour.

6. Long Life Lovelies

These will save you from running out to the shop at 6 o clock!

You need: Basil pesto to serve with pasta, to add richness to lasagne and to marinate chicken breasts, Napolitana sauce for serving on pastas, making lasagnes or flavouring a stew, cheese sauce for quick cauliflower & broccoli bakes, UHT cream for delicious pasta sauces, custard to serve with tinned fruit.

DID YOU KNOW? You can shake a carton of UHT cream to make the cream nice and thick for scones or Irish Coffees?

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