29 May 2018

Elements of Nature

Earth, air, water, fire… since ancient times, the fundamental forces of nature have been universally recognised and revered not only for their essential qualities, but because of the way they make us feel. Not surprisingly, then, their essence is frequently introduced into our own homes. Everything from the colour palette that suggests a particular force, to the materials and textures that underpin it, can help create the right look and ambience. Below, we show you ways to bring echoes of natural elements into your kitchen using Le Creuset’s colourful cookware.


Le Creuset’s Crème collection has a delicacy that belies its strength and durability. Leave windows undressed, or fit voile drapes, blinds or plantation shutters, rather than denser fabric options to enhance the airiness.

  • Choosing ‘barely-there’ shades throughout expands the sense of space as the boundary lines are less obvious – great in small kitchens. Ensure kitchenware and accessories continue the tonal theme.
  • Reflective materials, from shiny white tiles to gloss-finished kitchen units and surfaces, effectively bounce the light, as will a huge mirror on one wall if you have the room.
  • Keep clutter minimal. Ensure you have plenty of built-in storage, keep worktops clear, and hide bulky equipment behind doors. Display curated cookware and tableware on floating shelves or in glass-fronted cupboards.


The fresh lushness of a herb garden is encapsulated in Le Creuset’s Rosemary and Palm colour ranges. An abundance of leafiness and fresh produce will bring an earth-inspired look to life.

  • Consider fitting huge bi-fold doors if possible: they seamlessly connect the kitchen with the garden beyond. Inside, continue the theme by displaying herbs and plants alongside cookware.
  • An earthy scheme may have natural tones such as brown, grey, charcoal and tan at its heart, but needs lifting with lighter, fresher shades to prevent it seeming dull.
  • Choose earth-derived materials such as slate, stone, wood and clay and textiles including linen, hessian and leather.


The enduring appeal of Le Creuset’s Flame and Cerise hues brings warmth and energy. Flame – Le Creuset’s original trademark colour – is actually inspired by the sight of molten cast iron pouring from a crucible.

  • This bold element needs tempering in a scheme or it can be overpowering. Use deep orange or red accents against a sombre palette to bring a colour ‘pop’.
  • Copper is increasingly used in today’s kitchen designs and perfectly complements the fiery elemental feel.
  • Once darkness falls, emphasise the fiery theme with myriad tealights in hammered copper bowls or candle holders on display.


The intriguing tones of Le Creuset’s Deep Teal and Caribbean Blue emulate the ocean’s watery depths. Finish with seascape artwork or marine-inspired accessories, driftwood displays and pile pebbles or shells in glass vases.

  • Combining blue and blue-green shades, as in the sea, creates unexpected harmony, so use a variety of tones in your kitchen setting: a contemporary colour-mix of cookware and tableware looks so effective on a shelf or at the table.
  • Introduce reflective surfaces such as glass, chrome or steel into the kitchen setting, along with items that have a rippled finish, such as ceramics or glassware.
  • Bring the watery element, literally, into your space. Today’s cool and contemporary aquariums make a fantastic, mesmerising focal point.

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