4 December 2019

Dressed for Dinner

The festive season is all about opulence and abundance – and what better way to spread a wealth of love and joy than by dressing your space for socialising and celebrating?

Start Smart

The first 30 minutes of a social event can be stressful for any host, since you’ll be welcoming guests, catching up and making introductions. Make it easier by setting up a DIY champagne bar – fill a Champagne Bucket with bottles of bubbly and set out flutes and tumblers and all the accouterments for interesting drinks such as crème de cassis (for Kir Royales), and festive berries and pomegranate seeds for garnish. Don’t forget to include a few interesting soft drinks for those who aren’t drinking alcohol.

Tabletop Tips

Opulence and extravagance are synonymous with the festive season and what better excuse than a Christmas feast to really create a sense of theatre and grandeur? Jewel brights are an ideal place to start – the limited edition Le Creuset Soireé Signature Round Casserole is a show-stopping beauty that will undoubtedly make a dramatic focal point.

Set a sophisticated tone by layering your table in sumptuous fabrics, elegant glassware and dinnerware, and partner decorative objects and blooms with Tea Light Candle Holders to create pools of light. For a touch of drama, pour a bottle of red wine into the WA148 Wine Decanter – it’s a great way to create tableside theatre!

Another way to create visual interest on your table is to play with height – a Footed Cake Stand is perfect for displaying a colourful centerpiece of greenery, baubles or even a beautifully dressed Christmas cake to enjoy after lunch or dinner. And if yours is an intimate gathering, a beautifully wrapped gift at each place setting is a spoil that won’t be forgotten.

Entertaining Etiquette

  • Send out invitations at least a month in advance so people can coordinate their calendars.
  • Since many people attend multiple functions and worry about over indulging over the season, try have some healthy snack and dinner options available.
  • Don’t forget the vegetarians and vegans, and if it’s a large buffet, labelling items with elegant name cards can be useful for people with food allergies or preferences.
  • Before everyone arrives, scan your guest list and think about common areas of interest between people who haven’t met, brush up on what people have been up to (thanks Facebook!) so you can spark conversation and if all else fails – ask people how their children are, or what they’ve been busy with lately.

If you’re a guest, remember these three rules: always RSVP in time, sing for your supper and engage in conversation especially with people you haven’t met before and always say thank you within 24 hours. You’ll be sure to be top of the list for the next Christmas soirée!

Christmas is coming! Try these tips for reducing hostess stress and for dressing your table with festive flair. To view the full range, visit your nearest Le Creuset Boutique Store or shop online at

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