15 November 2018

Discover Indigo: Our Truest Blue Yet

A satisfying shade that is absolutely right for the times, a colour that is perfect as a partner for presenting food and a hue that teams so well with white and other blues, Indigo is bound to become a Le Creuset classic.

Behind the Blue

Inspired by the deep blue plant-based pigment used for textiles and printing since ancient times, Indigo’s transformation into a timeless cookware colour is a welcome one. From ancient Rome to India and West Africa to Japan, Indigo dye has been a much traded textile dyeing and printing commodity since its discovery 6000 years ago. Indigo’s transformation into a cookware colour ensures its relevance for a modern lifestyle – it’s a blue that plays beautifully with other colours and one that demands attention.


Dark Blue – the New Neutral

In modern times, we recognise the deeply satisfying shade of Indigo in dark denim – and there’s no denying that a good pair of jeans is a must for every wardrobe! Likewise, Indigo promises to become a classic and essential choice for cooks and entertainers alike.

Cuisine Collab

Much of Indigo’s timeless appeal lies in its rich and grounded natural lustre. Dark and brooding, it’s a shade that demands attention and in turn brings the focus to the food that it’s teamed with.

Colour Matches

Thanks to its timeless appeal, Indigo cast iron cookware looks beautiful when paired with crisp Cotton. Add another layer to this combination with Provence and Coastal Blue to evoke the colourway of a blue and white batik fabric. Indigo makes the perfect cornerstone for an on-trend kitchen when teamed with other natural hues such as Deep Teal, Kale and Palm. And let’s not forget the potential of Indigo teamed with the likes of Mist Grey and Chiffon Pink – it’s a marriage that works well in fashion and décor, so why not your cookware too?

Inspired? Shop NEW Indigo…

Available in a selection of classic cast iron choices, shop the new Indigo shade online at and enjoy free delivery to your door, or visit your nearest Le Creuset store to see its timeless appeal.

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