17 November 2014

Cuppa For CANSA… And the winners are….



Le Creuset challenged people all over South Africa to open their homes, workplaces and hearts by hosting a Cuppa For CANSA.

By hosting or attending a Cuppa For CANSA or raising funds online, guests enabled CANSA’s Care & Support Programmes to those affected by cancer – the focus for 2014
being on the Tough Living with Cancer (TLC) Programme which supports children/teens & families affected by cancer.

A simple thank you just does not seem to be enough to convey our appreciation for your enthusiastic participation in our Cuppa for CANSA drive.

Our ultimate goal for this campaign was to inspire people across the country to host their own Cuppa For CANSA and raise awareness. The feedback we have received from both consumers and the media has been overwhelming and we are challenged with making 2015 even bigger.

We were so overwhelmed by the many, beautiful entries that came through. It was truly heart-warming and so inspiring, that we ourselves couldn’t make the final decision. We sent all the entries to our dear friend, Sally Emery, Editor of Good Housekeeping Magazine, a week later, we have our winners! So without further ado…

The lucky winner of a R10 000 Le Creuset shopping spree is… Bronwyn Naidoo!

Here is Bronwyn’s story, with a few pictures from her event:


I’m a simple citizen who’s always wanted to help in the community and make a difference and when I heard about the Cuppa for CANSA I jumped at the chance. Initially it was difficult to get the ball rolling as a Cuppa for CANSA has never really been done in Phoenix, and the community as well as businesses had be warmed up to the idea.

I had secured a venue and had started approaching businesses when at the last minute, the people for the venue let me down 2 weeks before the Cuppa. I was devastated and almost cancelled when I decided to pull all my resources together and start to reach out. With the help of a local Councillor I was able to secure another venue free of charge, which was suitable for the entire community to attend.

We had set the tickets at just R20pp with tea and snacks provided, and trudged on. This was to ensure we didn’t exclude anyone that was financially struggling. Slowly but surely businesses came forward to donate resources for the day, from sound to eats and catering supplies such as cups and saucers. There were also a few businesses that made a few small donations. A hair and beauty salon joined forces to offer pink streaking for the hair, as well as pink nail paint, will all proceeds donated to CANSA.

The programme itself was a rushed one, but thankfully we secured an amazing MC, at least 3 cancer survivors as speakers, a dance group, lovely lucky draw giveaways courtesy of a cosmetic company and handmade jewelry from a talented young lady, as well as representatives from Mrs India SA donning beautiful saries. We were also able to make tiny goodie bags, with cosmetics and business cards from the sponsors, as well as beaded rings from CANSA.

All in all it was a simple function, but the actual talks & speakers were amazing and informative, which was what the aim for the day was.

Everyone that attended were happy and said they’d definitely support the next one which we hope is bigger and better.

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Bronwyn’s determination to raise awareness amongst her community despite setbacks and even though the Cuppa for CANSA wasn’t well know, is so inspiring.  Even though her venue let her down, she kept focused on her goal: to educate and give the people in Phoenix an opportunity to raise funds for CANSA.  I love that men were included – and the event looked like great fun too.

Congratulations to our runners up who have each won a Le Creuset gift card to the value of R1 000:


October is breast cancer awareness month and speaking to people it is phenomenal how many lives have been touched by cancer and breast cancer in particular.

My motivation for hosting a breast cancer tea was to remember a family member who had lost her brave fight against the dreaded disease as well as to rejoice at a friend who had survived the ordeal. I also wanted the ladies who attended to leave the tea more informed about breast cancer. I organised a prominent reconstructive plastic surgeon, Dr. Chris van der Walt to talk as well as a breast cancer survivor. The theme for the talks was “informative and inspiring” and I think everyone who attended, 100 ladies in total, left feeling inspired and more informed.

My son who plays cricket for the Chevrolet Warriors, the professional franchise in the Eastern Cape, backed up my idea by organising the team to play all their cricket matches through the month of October in pink caps and pink shirts. The team also supported the Ladies Tea by being my waiters for the afternoon. We started off the afternoon with ‘Pink Bubbly” and ended it with “Pink Magnums”.

Although it took a lot of hard work, it was a most fulfilling experience for me and one that I will repeat.
Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause and inspiring me to organise the ladies tea.



There were so many great elements to Barbara’s CuppaForCANSA. She got together 100 guests; organised an educational guest speaker; and best of all got a team of young cricketers involved on the day – who in turn took the message further by wearing pink for their matches throughout October. For every woman who has breast or cervical cancer, there is a husband, father, brother, son, uncle or nephew who can make her journey more manageable by being informed and supportive. I loved this angle of Barbara’s story.



My story is no different from millions out there, we have all had a special person touched by the ‘wrecking ball’ of cancer.  I am in the blessed position of still being close enough to the deepest emotions felt at the time of learning the devastating news and far enough away from the hurt and anger to take stock of the blessings in my life.  Family and friends, both old and new, will continue to be the most important and inspiring elements in my life. Birthdays, especially milestone ones, do tend to present the opportunity for reflection and sentimentality (and many unnecessary gifts!)  The overwhelming feelings of love, caring and happiness was clearly evident in the colour, laughter and generous contributions for the Cuppa campaign at my garden party last Saturday.  Nothing could have made my 50th birthday more meaningful than sharing my blessings with many of the special ladies in my life.   I decided to support  Cuppa for Cansa  as I strongly believe in its tenets and asked my guests to please consider making a donation in lieu of gifts.  I am still blown away by being able to deposit R3300 on behalf of those wonderful ladies.  From the giggling in the kitchen with my precious daughters to being silly in the photo area ; thank you for allowing me the opportunity of making my special day one of giving and celebration!


What a fantastic way to celebrate your 50th – by hosting a Garden Party to celebrate life with the people you love, and to raise funds for CANSA. Lauren asked friends to rather contribute money instead of spoiling her with gifts – I admire her selflessness. I loved her sentiment of the CuppaForCansa event giving her the opportunity to make her special day one of ‘giving and celebrating’.



I was diagnosed with cancer in December last year and finished my radiation in August. Just in time to throw a tea party to celebrate. We held a super hero tea party to celebrate and thank the heroes in our Journey. the people that for 9 months supported, encouraged, helped run my family and home.. A friend encouraged me to share my journey and it was the best thing I could have done. ANYONE GOING THROUGH CANCER NEEDS SUPER HERO’s . Food was a big part of my journey. We kept it wheat, sugar and gluten free.

On the 25th of October I got the center that my business is in to host a cuppa for CANCER fundraiser.. we had jumping castles my ladies painted nails and other tenants donated a % of the days takings.. I love the the balloon pics.. watching them float away was really a unexpected emotional experience.

My friend owns Soet Bistro in our area and I approached her too.. we managed to sell 10 seats at a high tea on the 29th Oct as a fundraiser.

Its been an emotional month and every Tea has helped me find purpose Closure.

I’m ending off October stronger and more motivated to get people to get involved in peoples lives while they are going through chemo but also for patients to to allow Super Hero’s into there lives.


I loved the initiative Tania took in her workplace – getting all of the tenants involved, as well as customers. Young, old, men, women – Tania’s event gave everyone a chance to participate, and have fun at the same time. I love that she managed to get everyone on board – that must have taken some expert organisational skills!


We submitted all the entries to our judge, Munnik Marais, Corporate Relations Manager from CANSA, who pulled in various CANSA volunteers namely Mrs Charity (affiliated to Mrs South Africa), Bachelor and Bachelorette of the year and Pretoria designer, Marthinus Holl to assist him.

“We were so impressed by the incredibly high standard of the entries, which made our decision very difficult”, were Munnik’s comments.  He was so touched by the efforts that everyone went to that he has printed out all the images of all the tea parties and placed them on the walls of his office to remind him of the generosity of people every day.  He would also like to use them to inspire people in their 2015 campaigns.

At the end of the day the winner they selected was Sarie who hosted a tea party with Sarie Kos in their offices and invited readers to purchase a ticket to attend. They created a beautiful table and managed to raise R14000 for CANSA.  So we say a hearty congratulations to them.


Our friends at SARIE held a spectactular Cuppa For CANSA by hosting a tea party for 25 guests at their Cape Town Offices. Readers were invited via online platforms and within minutes the entire table sold out at R350 per ticket. SARIE raised a whopping R14 000 for CANSA.

View the video they created here:


The runners up for the media challenge:







View the video that Taste/Visi created here:


We also got some of SA’s top food bloggers involved by running competitions on their websites with lovely Le Creuset prizes up for grabs.

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in this campaign. If you would like to donate to CANSA or view more of their initiatives, please visit their website:

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