5 January 2019

The colour purple: juicy Cassis is berry beautiful

Have you ever been lucky enough to pick deliciously ripe berries growing wild on a brambly hedge? Remember biting into their juicy sweetness, and eating until your lips and fingers were stained purple and life felt as simple and perfect as a sunny afternoon in summer?

Our elegantly understated Cassis draws its inspiration from these sweet blackcurrants and wild berries. Its deep purplish tones range from crushed blackcurrant to rich aubergine in graduated nature-inspired shades that are sophisticated, colourful and rich.

Cassis is a grounded, natural and surprisingly soothing hue. This is no surprise, really, when you understand the language of the colour purple:

“Purple stands for sensitivity, creativity, individuality and wit. People who love purple are unconventional, tolerant, deeply insightful and artistic, with a strong desire to be unique. Living meaningfully is very important to them, and they admire artists, mystics and people who think for themselves.”

Rich Pickings

Cassis is the perfect colour to present a variety of dishes in—but we think it especially lends itself to desserts. Why not try individual Berry Creams with Cassis or you could treat yourself to our Plum and Cinnamon Tart – we defy anyone to resist its sweet appeal!

Le Creuset Mini Cocotte in Cassis Purple - Berry Creams Recipe
Berry Creams with Cassisclick here for recipe

Le Creuset Flan Dish in Cassis Purple - Recipe for Plum Cinnamon Tart
Plum and Cinnamon Tartclick here for recipe

Pretty in Purple

Shop our gorgeous Cassis colour range at less 50%, while stocks last. But hurry, there are only limited quantities remaining!

Classic Teapot in Cassis

Mini Cocotte in Cassis

Le Creuset Fluted Flan Dish in Cassis

Le Creuset Cassis Coffee Press

Friends for Life

Deep, delicious Cassis is sumptuous and warm and makes a strong statement in any kitchen. It is like a friendly, warm-hearted version of black – muted yet rich and surprisingly vibrant. A real shapeshifter of a colour, Cassis readily goes from regal to relaxed or quirky depending on how you use it. It complements everything from muted hues like Mist Grey to vivid pops of more vibrant colours like Marseille Blue.

Cassis can add subtle, understated colour to a monochrome or all-white kitchen. Pair it with soft-hued neutrals such as Cotton or Creme for fresh yet grown-up glam.

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