7 February 2014

[Competition Closed] Clean Sweep: win a fabulous Le Creuset Cotton hamper worth R8 050!

Le Creuset Cotton Competition

We’re overwhelmed by your response to Le Creuset’s crisp, clean new Cotton range. It seems you all agree that our new Cotton range gives you the perfect blank canvas to colour with a lifetime of delicious meals!

This pure white collection with its delicately textured matte finish blends with every colour of the spectrum and reflects brightness in any space, whether your decor style is cool and contemporary or casual and cosy.


What would your Cotton moodboard look like? Tell us in under 100 words how Le Creuset’s Cotton range inspires you, and you could win* your very own collection of Cotton cookware to the value of R8 050.

Naomi Larkin - House & Leisure

Naomi Larkin, editor of House and Leisure magazine, will choose the winner whose creative answer makes her soul sing! Here’s what Naomi has to say about our new range:

‘Le Creuset’s new Cotton cookware collection is already a classic because it’s a colour that simply never goes out of fashion. Offered in the purest shade of brilliant white with a textured matte finish, the range spells fresh, crisp and clean, and couldn’t have come at a better time than the start of a new year. Pair it with any of the existing colours in the range for a combo that pops, or opt for single colour purity. Whether you’re into country or contemporary looks, it’s a hue I can see working in every home.’

This fabulous prize includes the following, all in bright white Cotton:

Le Creuset Cotton White Stoneware Range
18cm Round Casserole – R1190, 20cm Round Casserole – R1480, 29cm Oval Casserole – R2540, 30cm Buffet Casserole – R2100, Set of 2 Large Ramekins – R180, Spatula Crock – R180, 28cm Fluted Flan Dish – R380

To enter, post your comment about how the new Cotton range inspires you in the blog comments section below.


Maybe the Cotton range encourages you to cook up a feast?

A casual, cosy white kitchen - inspiration for Le Creuset Win a Cotton Hamper Competition


… or bake up a storm?

Getting ready to bake - inspiration for Le Creuset Win a Cotton Hamper Competition


… or revamp your kitchen in bright whites… cosy and calm?

A casual, cosy white kitchen - inspiration for Le Creuset Win a Cotton Hamper Competition


… or crisp and modern?

A crisp and modern white kitchen - inspiration for Le Creuset Win a Cotton Hamper Competition


Or does it inspire you to retreat to your kitchen for some therapeutic culinary time?

Rolling dough - inspiration for Le Creuset Win a Cotton Hamper Competition

Make sure you post your answers below by 27 February, and don’t forget – 100 words or less. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

* Click here for Terms & Conditions.


  1. This collection is gorgeous!!! I would absolutely love to own these beautiful pieces. They would add so much quality to my food photography!

  2. Melissa

    The Le Creuset Cotton Range inspires me to finally finish decorating my dining room (have been in the house for two years). Then I could have a wonderful dinner party and show off the Le Creuset Cotton Range!!!


  3. reshmi dewa

    hi i don’t see my entry…;(

  4. Charles Gosey

    The Le Creuset Cotton Range is so beautiful it would inspire me to have friends over every weekend and cook for them just to show off my wonderful cookware.

  5. Alison Thackray

    Le Creuset – as pure as Cotton, as versatile as Cotton, the first choice in the kitchen.

  6. Jan

    The Le Creuset Cotton Range is classic. Timeless. It inspires me to merrily prepare feasts for family and friends every holiday.

  7. Lori Knoll

    What an inspiration! The Le Creuset Cotton range gets me excited to cook good, clean, exciting food with a pop! It is so clean and refreshing looking. I would be so proud to serve food in this! Love it! I love to cook and try new things and I’m really into eating nutritional clean food. This is perfect for me and my lifestyle!

  8. LMJF


  9. Since being close to death and loosing everything. Le Creuset’s Cotton range would let me make a calm kitchen than I could do some baking from scrack and clean up easy.

  10. Teresa Knight

    I am inspired to enter a competition to win this magnificent prize.

  11. Melanie

    Le Creuset’s Cotton range inspires me to cook from scratch, more natural, healthier for my family and usually tastier, too! I love pretty cookware and I need some desperately.
    Thanks so much for this Fabulous Giveaway!!

  12. I just love to cook with Le Creust, the cleanups are always a breeze

  13. Katrina C.

    The Cotton White Le Creuset inspires me to Cook Simple and Pure!
    Getting back to the essentials of nutrition with Simple Pure meals to feed my family of six. Health and Nutrition are very important to our family and using the quality of a vessel Like the Cotton White Le Creuset Cookware and Stoneware set would be amazing to use.

  14. Alison Yakel

    I do enjoy cooking and baking, find it relaxes me, plus my hubby seems to enjoy my cooking (most of the time). With this, I can actually be more creative, plus try out my new cookbook I just got, may be useful to have these new items.

  15. Gabriele

    As a recently graduated product design student (who’s never cooked more than scrambled eggs) the Le Creuset Cotton range would be the perfect start and inspiration to my new working life – alongside some badly needed cooking lessons! What better way than to start with best – with it’s timeless aesthetic the Le Creuset Cotton range will never need replacing!

  16. Boipelo Sebesho

    The purity of cotton promises a good outcome. Makes one feel free to experiment with confidence. Cheers to a tasty meal.

  17. Elsie Wentzel

    Hope you get to read all the great entries. Well the cotton range of Lecreuset makes me remember my grandmother because of her white hair. I started to bake and cook when I was one year old with my grandmother. I stopped for a while now since I found out of all my allergies (too much to mention). Seeing these beautiful cotton white pots inspires me to go back to my passion, cooking and baking with love. It will remind me of the good times I spent in my grandmother’s kitchen and try new allergy free recipes. White makes me think of a clean slate to start over a new journey.

  18. reshmi dewa

    the new cotton range inspires me to cook the indian classics like breyani and butter chicken and kheer for desert. the white of the cotton is so classic and clean and i would love to cook in la creuset…..

  19. Warren Zwick

    Man I feel for the person who has to read all these entries.

    I’m not going to go on about the cotton range – its pointless, pretty but pointless.
    Whether my dish is black or white is irrelevant, its the quality of the cookware that matters.
    Thats what Le Creuset inspires; it makes you want to be better in the kitchen, to try harder, experiment with new tastes and to take on that dish you didnt think you could do.
    When you have quality tools on your side your imagination is the only limitation

  20. Linda van Zyl

    Imagine living on a mountain surrounded by giant trees and the call of an fork-tailed drongo eagle pair. You find a special kind of quiet when you are tucked away in a forest. Strangely, all city noise is reduced and the soft bird calls and insects buzz stands out. Look north and you are dwarfed by the mighty Hottentots Holland mountain range. Look south and the deep blue sea winks with it’s frothy little waves. To the west lies a valley covered with award winning vinyards. Row upon row of juicy grapes forms a spectacular backdrop to my backyard. Minimilastic architecture captures natures’ masterpiece. Every modern window is a set portrait of Mother nature. The clean sweeping lines of white and stainless steel kitchen yearns for the perfect accesories. Something solid and earthy, something modern and quirky. Something stylish and elegant, in a natural color. Imagine a set of Le Creuset Cotton kitchenware to finish my perfect picture. I sure can.

  21. Yvonne Sydow

    I love this colour, I keep on looking at pictures in magazines of it and thinking firstly how amazing it would look on display in my dark kitchen, it would brighten it up completely. Secondly the delicious casseroles for my growing family slow cooked for hours in the oven would be a real winter treat, can you imagine the contrast of the lovely white with a rich dark stew inside full of veggies and oxtail……I’m getting hungry now.

  22. Duduzile Lunga

    The new le creuset cotton range is simply ecletic. It draws its design from a variety of sources and inspires me to create not only delectable food but also to explore cuisine from different corners of the world. Coupling the new cotton range with a wide variety of ingredients ensures the creation of the most scrumptious meals. I picture my family re-enacting a scene from Oliver Twist awestruck and amazed they break out in song “Food Glorious Food!!!” Thanks to my new cotton range my meals are something to look forward to as the cooking is no longer a chore but artistry in motion!

  23. The Le Creuset Cotton range inspires me to thoughts of my new beginning: The 24th of May when I will walk down the aisle in my cotton-white dress, towards the man of my dreams. A love of pristine beauty, purity of the heart and the bright excitement of making a new home filled with delicious food, family and joy. Cotton promises stability, the weaving of one step with another, the crisp white of a new morning, a new home and a love to last a lifetime.

  24. Tamlyn Roman

    Being in the kitchen is a feast for all five senses and this range makes that feast look so so much better! I have always followed the adage that you shouldn’t try to fix what isn’t broken but this is the exception. Le Creuset products are timeless and the original “flame” will never be outdated but this range is a fresh and clean and will surely become a classic..classic cotton!

  25. Candice

    Splashes of colour go well with these dishes, who can deny they fulfill all your wishes. From puddings to bakes or even tiny cakes, there really isn’t anything a Le Creuset dish can’t make. Snowflakes of flour and soft peaks of egg, Cotton is the only colour that stays in my head.

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