15 August 2017

Cooking Demo with Chef Vanie | Marigold | August 2017

On 8th August 2017, Le Creuset customers experienced an evening of fragrance and flavour at Marigold, the first classic Indian cuisine restaurant in Franschhoek village. Chef Vanie Padayachee, who hails from Durban, evoked the exotic with her innovative and utterly mouthwatering take on North Indian cuisine.

Using Le Creuset’s various cookware ranges, chef Vanie – who is an expert at tempering and blending spices – demonstrated Palak Chaat, Kadhai Murgh and Jalebi Kulfi from a feast-worthy dinner menu, paired with wines from Fable Mountain Vineyards. A beautiful winter’s evening spent sampling spicy fare was topped off with a goody bag from Le Creuset.

Thank you to all joined us!

Spice Girl: Meet Chef Vanie

Seasoned chef Vanie Padayachee has been on the opening teams of various restaurants and a cookery school. Vanie, whose style of cuisine is influenced by the rich diversity of cultures found in South Africa, recently visited India to experience the culture and cuisine first-hand, bringing to Marigold a tangible reference to its origins. Read more in our exclusive interview.


delicious lamb samosas on arrival

our petite bowls are perfect for spicy condiments!

guests look on as chef vanie demonstrates

an unforgettable curry feast




Oil, for frying
1 bunch spinach leaves – washed and de-veined

For the Batter:
1 cup chickpea flour
½ cup corn flour
1tbsp Kashmiri spice
1tbsp chilli powder
½tsp fenugreek leaves
½tsp celery seeds
1tsp turmeric
1 cup water

To serve:
Sweet yoghurt
Tamarind sauce
Coriander yoghurt
Tomato, diced
Chilli, chopped
Red onion, diced
Fresh coriander


Pre-heat oil in a wok to 180°C.

Place all the batter ingredients into a bowl; add the water and whisk to a coating batter. Dip the spinach leaves into the batter and deep fry until crispy.

Remove from oil and place onto paper towel to remove excess oil.

Place crispy spinach onto a serving bowl; drizzle with sweet yoghurt; tamarind sauce and coriander yoghurt.

Garnish with diced tomato; chopped chilli; small diced red onion and fresh coriander.



1L full cream milk
200ml cream
10g pistachio nuts, roasted and crushed
100g white sugar
3 tsp corn flour
25ml condensed milk


Pour the milk in a wide saucepan and reduce by 60% over a low/medium heat, stirring continuously.

In a separate bowl mix the sugar, cream and the cornflour and then add the condensed milk.

All the corn flour mixture to the reduced milk and continue stirring. Add the crushed pistachio nuts and leave to cool.

Pour into moulds (espresso mugs with an ice cream stick) and freeze overnight.

Remove the Kulfi from the freezer and allow to stand for 5 minutes before removing from cups. Serve with fresh fruits.

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