The Recipe for a Perfect Holiday

Every year the excitement in our family begins mounting as the final song is sung at my children’s school assembly. It’ summer, its holidays, and we are all looking forward to that time away from our day-to-day mundane lives. Plans … Read More

Tough love: our Toughened Non-Stick range

Toughened Non-Stick is our answer to just about everything! Like a gorgeous domestic goddess with a core of steel, this sleek range is as versatile and durable as it is good-looking.

  • The items in our range all feature a … Read More

Easy does it: recipes from Franck Dangereux

Because no one wants to be slaving away over a hot stove in the height of summer, we bring you two easy-peasy yet utterly mouthwatering recipes from Franck Dangereux’s award-winning Feast at Home (published by Quivertree). They are both packed … Read More