31 March 2014

Bring on sunshine: the power of yellow

Le Creuset Soleil Yellow Oval Casserole - Roast Chicken

Such is the power of yellow that we just have to look at all our wonderful Soleil and Dijon products here at Le Creuset and someone starts humming, ‘It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright, bright sunshiny day.’

The colour of ripe lemons and wheatfields, saffron and sunflowers, gold ore and golden topaz, canaries and bees, yellow has a luminosity that captures our attention more than any other colour in the spectrum. Yellow shines with enlightenment, creativity and happiness. It stands out from its surroundings and instills a sense of optimism and energy.

Le Creuset Yellow Colour Inspiration

Le Creuset Yellows

In the realm of colour psychology, yellow is the colour of idealism, happiness, wisdom and imagination. If this is your favourite colour, you have a sunny yet shrewd character, and are intelligent and adventurous, with the ability to think for yourself in a clear, logical way. You love novelty and seek self-fulfillment.

Now that the seasons are changing so rapidly and summer seems determined to make an early exit, you can keep the sunshine glowing in your kitchen with Le Creuset’s Soleil. Inspired by the spirit of sun-soaked afternoon gatherings in the countryside of Provence, Soleil has a sophisticated, appealing colour gradient that arcs from soft butter to bright citrus.

Le Creuset Soleil Yellow French Country Picnic

Likewise, the warmth and buttery richness of Dijon was named after one of France’s most famous culinary creations and will definitely brighten your kitchen. Le Creuset’s Dijon blends warm yellows with a subtle hint of brown to create the unmistakable colour of Dijon mustard. It’s a versatile hue, standing out against a backdrop of darker shades, or pairing colorfully with Marseille or Cassis.

Brighten up even the gloomiest day with a feast fit for the Provençal countryside served in Soleil and Dijon. Doesn’t the lemony roast chicken pictured at the top of this post make your mouth water?

Le Creuset Dijon Yellow Oval Casserole - Roast Chicken
Our braised chicken with leeks, root vegetables, parsley and wheat grain is a true taste sensation, combining satisfying winter veggies with zesty flavours for a posh take on simple peasant food.
Braised Chicken – click here for recipe

Le Creuset Soleil Pasta Salad Bowl
Serve it with our simple Caesar salad – the golden yolks of the quartered free-range boiled eggs and toasty hues of the croutons look utterly appealing served in Soleil.
Simple Caesar Saladclick here for recipe

Le Creuset Soleil Mini Casseroles
Savoury corn puddings served in individual ramekins make the perfect side dish, or serve them with alone with the Caesar salad for a light and happy lunch.
Savoury Corn Puddingsclick here for recipe

Simple accents of warm yellow work wonders, too. What could be more cheerful than a breakfast spread or high tea with Dijon and Soleil mugs, honey pots and jam jars?

Le Creuset Honey Pot Dijon

Le Creuset Espresso Mug Dijon

Our Sandton branch manager Patricia Basetsana Moaga loves yellow’s golden appeal and effortless ability to make a statement in any kitchen.

Patricia Basetsana Moaga - Le Creuset Manager

‘Soleil is such a beautiful, summery colour, and it makes your food look appetizing and extra tasty. I love bright colours – they put me in a good mood every day, and yellow makes me think of a warm summer day, sitting under a big tree with a few friends having lunch and cocktails. The Soleil casseroles in my kitchen make every cooking experience a joy. Soleil and Kiwi look great displayed together on a table outside when you have family and friends over for lunch. I find that Soleil and Dijon are really popular with young, vibrant couples and people who are not scared to make a statement.’

Le Creuset Soleil Yellow Round Casserole

Le Creuset Round Casserole

Mix it up with Dijon and Flame for a cheerful effect that will warm you to the cockles of your heart.

Le Creuset Cappucino Mug Dijon Mustard

Flame, Cassis and Rosemary play brilliantly with Soleil. Use them all together or choose just one accent colour bring out Soleil’s friendly, outgoing nature.

Le Creuset Soleil, Cassis, Rosemary

Post a snap on Instagram of you with your favourite Le Creuset colour and you could be one of 20 colour lovers to win a whistling tea kettle in your top tint. Who says colour can’t sing? #ColourLove @lecreusetsa

Le Creuset #ColourLove Instagram Contest

Le Creuset Whistling Kettles

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