27 February 2017

Beyond Quinoa: 7 New Grains to Cook & Enjoy

There’s a new wave of nutritious, delicious and versatile ancient grains coming to the fore. Here’s how and why to eat them.

This gluten free grain from Peru is packed with protein and fibre and is ideal cooked as a porridge or as a side to a hearty casserole. It’s low in carbohydrate making it ideal for banters or paleo dieters.

This ancient roasted grain is made from green durum wheat and is found in many Middle Eastern and North African dishes. It is high in protein, B vitamins and minerals and is delicious in a pilaf or as a side with meat roasts.

Teff is a gluten-free Ethiopian staple and is one of the oldest cultivated crops on the planet. Teff grains are small, nutty with a slightly crunchy texture and are delicious cooked as porridge. You’ll get a whopping 120mg of calcium (plus iron and vitamin C) per cup!

You’ll find Bulgur wheat used throughout the Middle East where it is seen in many dishes like tabbouleh. Prepared in the same way as rice, bulgur is a cracked wheat with a low GI level and higher protein and fiber content than rice.

An ideal solution for those wanting to steer clear of traditional wheat-based products, millet is most commonly seen in birdseed but is a brilliant and nutritious grain for humans too! Serve it instead of rice, cook it into a porridge or use in your favourite muffin mix. Millet is full of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins and essential antioxidants.

Native to Africa, sorghum is a gluten-free, high protein cereal grain that can be bought puffed and ready to eat as a breakfast cereal. The grains can also be cooked like rice or when ground into flour, used instead of flour in cakes and flapjacks. Toss with roasted vegetables and leaves for a delicious salad.

A wholesome grain that’s packed with flavour and vitamins, spelt is an ancient nutty-flavoured wheat dating back 8000 years. Cook spelt by soaking first then boiling until soft. Like the grains, spelt flour is a nutritionally dense offering and is lighter in gluten than wheat flours. Visit the Le Creuset Recipe Site for this wholesome rustic bread recipe that features spelt flour.

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