14 March 2018

Amy Scott’s Essential Vegan Grocery List

“Going vegan is a journey,” says Amy Scott of The Hungry Herbivore, a restaurant in Cape Town serving delicious vegan fare. Read on to find out Amy’s take on some of the ways in which we can make plant and planet-friendly choices, plus tips on how to go vegan and what’s on her weekly shopping list.

What was your watershed food change moment?
I was living abroad and eating a diet high in carbs, meat and processed food. I felt unwell and uncomfortable in my own skin and decided I wanted to ‘get healthy’. I started making smoothies and this is when I stumbled on the raw food philosophy. Back then my plate of food would have consisted mainly of meat, or a creamy pasta and a whole lot of ice cream for dessert. Now I have overnight oats for breakfast or toast with avo or almond butter and dinner will be a lentil curry, roasted veg salad or spicy tomato pasta.

Tell us why you think veganism is a good choice?
We are living in a time where the earth is overpopulated and we’re experiencing droughts and so much pollution. I feel that factory farming is contributing majorly to all these issues and if we cut these sources from our food choices and grow better crops for humans, there would most likely be enough food to feed everyone. I also feel it’s healthier to be vegan as you never know what is being injected or fed into the animals and ultimately this will affect your health in the long run.

Your restaurant The Hungry Herbivore makes the most delicious vegan and raw food – tell us about some of your signatures and must tries.
We have an ‘Oh Sweet Kim burger’ with sweet potato fries which is a house-made patty from quinoa, lentils, sweet potato and kimchi topped with caramelised onion, spicy mayo and avo.

The next would have to be the Chef’s Special pizza which includes our own homemade vegan cheese and BBQ mock meat plus spinach and avocado slices.

Our gluten free waffle and ice cream is another hit along with our salted caramel ‘cheese’cake made from cashews, coconut oil, almonds and dates.

Which Le Creuset colour do you think best complements your delicious vegan fare?
Deep Teal because teal happens to be my favourite colour, and in the kitchen it’s a colour that really makes wholesome food pop! I would definitely use it for veggie lasagna, potato bake, curry and an apple pie for dessert.

Do you have a Le Creuset favourite item? If not, what’s on your wishlist and why?
Le Creuset is definitely on my wedding wishlist! I would love to own a 30cm casserole for making slow-cooked curries and the stoneware cooking and serving dishes look beautiful and are so versatile too.

How to Start a Wholefood Journey

“Do some research, get 5 recipes or 5 favourites and substitute the meat/dairy for alternatives”, says Amy. “It takes a bit of effort in the beginning to make a conscious choice but afterwards it becomes second nature. I would start with swopping out milk for a dairy free alternative and then seeing what you 5 weakness foods are and finding substitutions for them”.

Amy’s Vegan Shopping List

“I buy a lot of different vegetables but my weekly staples are broccoli, baby spinach, cucumber, cauliflower, sweet potato, onion, garlic and marrows. Then I always buy lentils, chickpeas, black beans, rice, quinoa and canned tomato and coconut milk. These ingredients are so versatile for making Mexican, Italian, Thai or Indian dishes. I always have an array of spices on hand too. My all-time obsession is Sriracha or fresh chillies”.

Join the vegan revolution, say no to processed food and yes to cooking your new favourites from scratch. Pop into a Le Creuset boutique near you or shop online for a mouthwatering selection of quality cookware that you’ll love using every day!

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