1 March 2019

A Colourful Start to the Day

We’ve all heard that old adage – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At Le Creuset, we take that very idea seriously. Whether you’re whipping up a gourmet omelette with herbs or a satisfying stack of pancakes, Le Creuset has the perfect tool. Breakfast need never be boring again!

Breakfast Around the World

How do you begin your morning? Depending on where you live, the answers will vary greatly. While many southern Europeans (except for a morning espresso) largely ignore the most important meal of the day; the Americans and British typically go for rich, hearty or sweet foods such as pancakes, bacon, cooked beans or sausages. Spicy soups are a common sight on Asian breakfast tables, while Africa mainly sees cereals and legumes on the menu.

“Other countries, other customs” is an oft-repeated phrase, but with an increasingly connected and diverse world, it’s not hard to see the influence that different cultures are having on each other’s breakfast routines. Our breakfasts are becoming more and more varied, which makes them the perfect start to a day full of culinary discoveries!

Enjoy Better Breakfasts

Make the most important meal of the day the most delicious one too with help from Le Creuset. Our range covers a host of breakfast essentials from teapots, plungers and mugs; to colourful serveware; to oven-safe frying pans and skillets. We also have a rainbow of colours to theme your breakfast table with—you can mix and match with contrasting hues, or keep it colour coordinated down to a tee.

Le Creuset Classic Teapot - Flame

Toughened Non-Stick Shallow Frying Pan

Breakfast Inspiration

Try these delicious recipe ideas for your next breakfast or brunch. Light and fluffy Cloud Eggs are an updated take on a breakfast favourite, while the Grilled Cheese Toastie gets a Korean-inspired twist with the addition of Kimchi.

To view our full range, visit your nearest Le Creuset boutique store, or shop online at where delivery is free.

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